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November 30, 2006



Speaking of Number 24, did he ever explain the logic behind his changing numbers? I seem to remember him saying something along the lines that everything would get explained at the beginning of the season, but never heard anything else. Did I just miss out? Have I been asleep all this time?


He gives a reason for the change to 24 on his website:


Who really knows the real reason?


I like the Adidas theory: He dropped the 8 so Adidas (who manufactures the Crazy-8's, which he use to wear) wouldn't have an implied player to push the shoes with. Adidas no longer cuts Kobe any checks, so he didn't want them cashing in on his number... As for 24, I think he's doing the 'one better than Mike' thing, which is absolutely idiotic.


the lakers will beat the jazz tonite ... and they will win big too !


The Lakers are in a groove. They are killing the Jazz. Lamar is playing well, and Kobe is sharing the ball...and who knows it'll last. But it is fun to watch for the time being.


The Lakers WON because they were inspired . Lindsay Lohan was in the crowd !

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The Lakers are on a roll...playing well.

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