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November 08, 2006



i hope the pistons mp3 does not contain 'sheed' rants vs. the refs !


Just a heads up....

The blurb on the page states it supports MP3 and WMA files only.

This means its not an iPod Shuffle, but some cheap ripoff (and likely not exactly legal).

Most likely its one of these:


But the company that made them was long since forced to disappear.

To funny that people actually believe Apple would allow their products to be repackaged in packaging that looks that bad!


I think the best evidence it's a knock-off and not a real iPod Shuffle is that the symbol on the play button is slightly off center.

Oh yeah, and NO APPLE SYMBOL ANYWHERE. Apple is not exactly know for taking a lazy attitude towards branding, even when involved with charity.


You guys are all correct. I checked out the one my friend bought and while the package is the same size and contains a similiar looking lanyard, it is a rip-off.

He kept it sealed for a collection, but now he may open it. It virtually looks the same. Once again I'm an ass.

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