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November 22, 2006



For the record, this wasn't really a dunk ON Ben Wallace, it was more NEAR Ben Wallace.

Like we were discussing the other day regarding the Big Lebowski:

"NEAR the In-N-Out burger."


Always love TBL quote... so what is this categorized as, "Dunking right up against Ben Wallace" or "Dunking while Wallace is trying to block Smush and oh by the way making contact in the same process" or "Attempting a layup with Ben Wallace trying to draw a charge?"

That's about as close to dunking on someone as you'll ever get. Okay, so it's not the typical shooting guard throwing down on Shawn Bradley that we saw roughly 40 times a season (followed by said shooting guard pushing Bradley down and the guys on the bench rolling in laughter), but it's pretty close.

And you know how much I hate Smush Parker, so I'm not being myopic here.


.. as long as smush does'nt dissapear come playoff time !


We're still looking for "Game 6 Smush Parker."

His playoff-self is on a million milk cartons.

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