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November 13, 2006



it was jamal crawford, not nate robinson. way to check your facts. bowen is not doing this on purpose. i admit he needs to be more careful, but he is trying not to get called for a foul by turning his body. when he lands, he is keeping his feet apart to land evenly.

bowen is playing hard and trying to contest shots. he is not trying to hurt people. there is no advantage to him hurting another player in the spurs rotation style defense. when bowen keeps his body facing his opponent, he is called for a foul. his head is turned away from his opponent when he lands for chissakes!

nobody ever calls a post defender a dirty player when his opponent roll an ankle on his foot after a layup or a dunk. this all started because bowen has ray allen's number defnsively. ray allen called bowen dirty because he is frustrated by him.

isiah thomas admitted he was trying to fire up his team by going after bowen. thomas also said he did not consider bowen a dirty player. this is all a bunch of hype and you are buying into it. the writing on this blog has been sub-par at best lately. this is junk journalism. bowen and the nba deserve better.

i hope you try harder to not sully the game with your crackpot writing and hair-brained theories.

i know i'm going to catch a lot of shit for this, but i don't care. it's getting old. i don't care what somebody who's never played basketball before has to say. you don't know what you're talking about.

nobody wants to see someone get hurt. certainly, no one wants to be responsible for someone getting hurt. bruce bowen is not any different than any other player in this respect.


dave , i'm not sure bowen is as innocent as you portayed .
they're just too many 'victims' of the same dirty trick .
add vince carter to the list of bowen's former victims .
every raptors fans still remembered how bowen 'stuck'his foot
when vc was making a 'j' causing him to twist his ankle and which sidelined vc for sometime !
even duncan said then that bowen was a dirty player .


Dave, thanks for pointing that mistake out. I had another video of Bowen jumping into Robinson and got confused. (What can you expect from a 2 AM post?)

BTW - This is not a vendetta against the Spurs, I used video evidence to prove my point. Maybe the LAPD and San Antonio Spurs fans don't believe in video evidence, I'm hoping most other people will.

I've seen roughly three other examples on youtube of Bowen undercutting a jump shooter. I was in a cast for 8 weeks with a very similiar injury (someone got under my foot as I jumped and I tore ligaments and had a minor fracture). When you're in the air (1 inch in my case), you're exposing yourself to a serious injury and you're hoping that the person defending you respects the game enough to not resort to those tactics.

What I tried to show in the videos was how blatant Bowen is undercutting the shooter. It's not just from challenging the shot but more from a concerted effort to intimidate the shooter via the theat of injury.

Everyone in the league has the capability to do this, but they don't because nobody wants to see star athletes go down with injuries from journeyman players... this ain't hockey!

John R.

Dave, you are disgusting homer.

The problem is there is no mutually assured destruction for a no talent clown like Bowen. The only time he scores is wide open jumpers. Who is around to return the favor when he leaves the ground? Maybe its time someone slips one under Duncan or Parker or Manu baseball status. The league has to do something.

Also, kick him off Team USA. There is enough reason for the world to hate us before he starts ending budding careers overseas.


Bowen is a hack. The fuckin guy never even leaves the ground to get a hand in the face of the jumpshooter, he's more concerned with putting a foot underneath them. Watch the video: If his body is turned to grab a rebound, he's got no reason to keep moving underneath the shooter, he turns to make it appear that he is following the shot, so he'll have his "I didn't do anything!" defense. I'll just wait until that idiot tries that shit against 'Sheid or Artest. He'll get his.


answer me this. if bowen is doing this on purpose . . . why hasn't he ever done it in a big game against a serious western conference rival? like . . . i dunno . . . to nowitzki in the playoffs last year.

no, you're probably right. steve francis and the new york knicks are a much more serious threat to a spurs title run. he had to take him out. an overrated player on a shitbag team. so dangerous!

oh, and popovich tells him to do it. "take out brevin knight bruce. we can't lose to the bobcats!"

i never said he wasn't doing it. i even admit it's irresponsible. all i am saying is he is not trying to hurt people.

do you get it?


Even though I tend to agree with Bowen being a cheap player I don't think that video is very good evidence of that. You see that Bowen lands with his right leg inside the three point line while Crawford jumps over the line. It didn't look to me like he was trying to undercut him that time. Please note that I am only refering to this incident because I haven't seen any video of the Francis thing for example.

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