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November 08, 2006



if i were stern , i would just give the maloofs a new franchise based in las vegas and let the kings stay in sacramento . the kings are just fine where they are . they have fans supporting 'em every game


You have to remember it is not about the fans for Owners. It is about the Corporations and how much money the owners can make.
If the Kings Moved to Vegas, The Maloofs would have the visitng team stay at thier hotel and gamble "lose" thier money to them. 41 home games equals 15-20 multi millionars per team with gambling problems.

Plus the league does not need another expansion team. The league has the Knicks.


Still a priceless photo.

nigger t

Fuck you dude. Sacramento isnt a cow town and the maloofs can go practice safe sex and go fuck themselves. Poor written article fag.


More posts of this qluaity. Not the usual c***, please

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