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November 04, 2006



Aren't you glad your wife didn't go to the game last night since SHE hates KOBE!!

At least there is 1 KOBE hater in LOs Angeles.


That is why the seat next to me was empty.

BTW - Hate is not a strong enough word, it's almost a full-blown shouting match whenever we discuss Colorado.


The French Borat can play , huh . Turiaf was cool and effective last night . I hope Phil can take some of Turiaf's enthusiasm and transfer it to Bynum !


Bynum started off well, then Seattle went small and he wasn't quick enough to keep up with Wilcox.

I'm still impressed with how much Bynum has improved. I fugured he'd be like this next season.

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That’s why, over the weekend, Bruins management felt it would benefit Caron to play for the organization’s AHL affiliate, the Providence Bruins in order to get more ice time than he’s been getting in Boston. He was assigned to the P-Bruins following the Bruins’ 4-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks on Saturday, and Caron played for Providence on Sunday and registered an assist in a 3-2 loss to Albany.


I swear no one can argue now a days with some one because they're a hater. Bro you haven't suroppted a reason as to why he is the best player of this era. When i USUALLY see Kobe under preform compared to what he's made out to be, by ESPN and the media


i mostly think that the last pitrcue has the cutest pups minus adr's boxer boomer. the only thing i think more than that is that maybe you should return koby with the list of pros and cons engraved on his collar. just saying. just kidding. love him. a little bit.


Paul -- sorry for the delayed ackmowledgenent. Despite my improper grammar, you are totally entitled to your opinion and certainly not required to root for those guys. I get it...just didn't want to have a different opinion and end up covered in monkey feces.Ed and I will be in row 11, center court for the Clippers farewell game tomorrow. I'll wear my 20 year old forest green Sonics' shirt. I'll be rooting for the Clippers but thinking of the '96 Sonics hopeless but valiant 0-3 effort against the Bulls.

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