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November 16, 2006


nicoleta luciu a slabit

Seriously folks, it's not that hard. The forum has a search function. Threads (this one included) have a little 'search topic' entry at the bottom where you can search the thread for key words. Please do me and the small handful of other users who sympathize a favor by actually putting in the tiniest bit of effort to searching for answers yourself first.

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At the same time though, they often make deals with illegal gold sellers and hack tool producers, then tell their customers that such services are legal and official. This causes confusion for the players, especially when we start banning them and they honestly don't know why.


When I said that updates will continue throughout the year, I meant that we will be getting more patches than just the major content update in February. Content, security updates, a new Virtual Item Bonus event, and so forth.

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So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)


Hello Athenrye. I've been looking at forum trying to find and answer for my question and I was unable to find a proper one. My question is, a couple of friends and I started to make a fansite about KO, it's nothing like a database or anything, it's just a blog-type with humor and KO information, mostly humoristic stuff related to the game (non rants, not criticism).


Hmmm then why dont you chose few players who are known and considered as "legit" players to be a reporters whom you can trust?

Now about rules, then you dont need MGame aprove to decide what can be banable thing and what cant?


many clans in the top 5 or 10 are doing what they can secretly to keep their grade over the cheating clans. so my question is... if we as a community discussed this topic further and perhaps came up w/ a better solution... could it be something we could/would see implemented in due time, or is the fact that NP donation is so deeply embedded into the way clans get ranking, that there is no other possible solution? some clans have over 50million NP donated over the years. and not all of that np is legitimate either. but through perseverance and luck, they are still here. but 50m + NP in one clan is a bit absurd. heck.. some ppl have over 7m NP donated to one clan... and many of those are now banned lol. yet the clan still has his/hers donated np. there has to be a better way that is less exploitable, that we can perhaps implement, to help restructure the way clans are ranked, and graded.


There's more that goes into multiclient checks than just looking at the IP log in set. With the given scenario you've proposed, you should be fine. There is nothing wrong with logging into the game with multiple PCs on the same IP range. If we only allowed a single log in per IP, it would destroy the possibility of groups playing at public locations like internet cafes, college dorms on a central network, and other such things.

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Incidentally, the PvP server proved to be an enormous failure and a complete waste of time/resources that we're still working on cleaning up.


For the moment, yes. I'm solo in performing manual restorations, but that may change in the future depending on the availability of other GMs.


For those times when we are able to log on and protect Felankor and/or Isiloon from gold farmers -- we're currently limited by our ban tool being as slow as molasses. Our previous tool allowed us to ban a group of gold farmers in a matter of seconds, but in its currently limited form due to maintenance (the new tool isn't properly streamlined for efficiency yet), it can take several minutes, by which point the gold farmers have already killed the boss.

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GamersFirst decided not to invest in a full booth for E3 this year, feeling it wasn't worthwhile in our current developmental state. Those things aren't cheap, after all. We did do some floor advertising for APB though. As for Hailan Rising, that's a whole other kettle of fish. Calimaestro's team has been working really hard on it and so far it's looking amazing, but I guess there wasn't enough demo footage at the moment to merit making a trailer.

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