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November 16, 2006



Does this mean we'll start seeing Bird match mumu's with Magic on All-Star Saturday playing 2-ball or whatever bullshit game the NBA creates to try to promote harness racing errrr the WNBA?


isn't that larry the cable guy w/out the facial hair ?


the guy is 50 years old
look at charles he BIg, Magic he got HIV and he real big, even jordan is looking more 250 than 215. Players get old.

Burgers and Beer

loose the sodas Larry. There is no minimum daily requirement for refined sugar.

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Live and let live.

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Sadly you only typed "flopping" twice. Maybe if your post had read "flopping flopping flopping flopping flopping flopping flopping...to infinity"...then it woulda been funny...despite the triteness.

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A hamster has nine lives.

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I was reading something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your position on it is diametrically contradicted to what I read earlier. I am still contemplating over the opposite points of view, but I'm tipped heavily toward yours. And no matter, that's what is so great about modernized democracy and the marketplace of thoughts on-line.

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look very dandy, so to speak =)) better than it was in shorts, T-shirt and beer burp every two seconds. I say the word


We felt our start last year put us in a rough spot all year long," coach Joel Quenneville told the Blackhawks' official website. "We know the value of where they are. Teams are ready for you coming off that type of season."They've been busy but they are still a dangerous team.

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We've been wanting to bring up a PvP server for a while now; Breaking Point is just a step in the right direction.

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