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November 21, 2006



i know this is old footage, but i'm really getting tired of this shit. that is the most pathetic thing i have ever seen. what a bunch of punks. how many thugs does it take to beat that poor man? it's over when he hits the ground, but everyone has to get a punch or kick in so they can say, "i kicked keith closs' ass". wow. what a badge of honor. "i (and about 12 other people) beat a poor man senseless while he lay defenseless in the street." classy.

this video is sad and depressing. when are we going to evolve? do these people have no shame? animals.

it's no wonder the nba has an image problem. i think if an nba player is involved in anything like this they should be fined and automatically suspended for a year. yes, i'm talking to you stephen "wacko jacko" jackson. call it the zero tolerance for thuggery rule.

maybe i'm getting old, but if you participate in this kind of activity you aren't tough, you're not a big man, you're a punk.

i have no problem with two guys settling a score in a fist fight, one on one, but a gang beat down is pathetic. you are a pussy if you do this.

sorry, that really struck a nerve.


Dave you win the Dan Le Batard award for taking the unexpected/fresh angle to the story.

While I agree the pile on factor is appalling, especially the fact that Death Row was looking to make some cash on the whole thing, we really don't know how the whole thing started.

But you also gotta understand that this whole thing took on major comedic proportions in Los Angeles because Keith Closs was such a clown with the Clippers. This thing could only happen to Closs, and not anyone else.

Good comment, Dave!

King Pat

Keith Closs was talkin some gangster shit at the members from Death Row who are Blood gang mambers. He got what he deserved. If you don't put yourself in that situation, then you won't be dealt with that way. You can clearly see he wouldn't move from the SUV on his own and if you were there you would know that he turned down the one-on-one opportunity. Keith is a punk.


Niggaz be ruthless!~

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It's pretty stupid, but everything is fodder for entertainment nowadays.


I heard that even with all of the morons there he was still fine. he walked away with little injury. so that just tells you how "gangster" all of those dudes were. regardless of what the beef was over why would you sucker punch someone? i mean attempt to sucker punch b/c shorter had to jump to reach him and then backed up after he did it.
so all i can say is all of those dudes need to grow some balls and man up....


I think this entire event shows the jealousy and ignorance of Black folks. This is pretty sad to see a bunch of our own kind
jumping on a person whom made it in life. Look closely and pay attention to the mockery and the idiots standing around watching this entire event unfold along with the aftermath. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP! And you can't understand why White people don't want us around?.... I'm really ashame to be
Black. What a sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, event. And people can't understand why I escaped the ghetto. This is a major review of NIGGAS in full effect. IDIOTIC DUM ASS NIGGAS! I leave saying,.... "There are Black People then there's Niggas.
We just seen the niggas! So sad. Sad at this mess! Sad at this mess!

Tha Magic Barrel

This video is sad . I think Keith Closs is one of the most stylish dudes playing ball. Obviously he cab block shots. But the NBA needs guys like him for purely visual reasons. The man has class. I wish he could bulk up a little for a return to the NBA, though I suppose he is getting a bit old now. He is a great guy.


This is why God has left my people and disowned them, "they are no longer children of mine the defect is their own." Black has lost it value in God's eyes, whatever name you call him by.

Boss Closs

I feel very sad for any individual who uses this tape for comedic purposes. Even sadder for the guys who jumped me. Yes, this is the REAL Keith Closs. I was arguing with the mother of my then 3 month old son for being out at the club, instead of at home taking care of my baby and her other 2 young children. Some guy didn't like the choice words I had for her and made it his business to get in mine.
It's funny that 10 years later people still bring this up thinking they're ridiculing me. I get a good laugh out of it whenever the topic comes up! So now you heard it from the horse's mouth instead of heresay. Am I upset over this? Hell no I'm not! My life continues to be one filled with joy, and absolutely nobody can change that. God has blessed me and my family tremendously over the years, and the blessings will keep coming our way. Thank you all who commented, even if you displayed some ignorance. I'm not mad at all. My life is good. I wish the same for you. Peace. Boss Closs


What an appalling video. If the commenter above really is Keith Closs, I'm glad to hear you're doing well, brother. Stay up.

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peteroc from the bronx ny lova ya cuz

well keith closs is my cuz and that was fucked up what they did to him he is really a cool guy but half of those mother fuckers wonna be gangstas already are dead anyways................

white pride

Monkeys don't fight 1 on 1!

Mark Basham

get to know Keith. This guy is a real jackess. As for having any class, This guy is a lowlife ex-gang member that left his mother living in a dump of a house in Pomona, Ca. Yes, I know this idiot. If there ever was a loud mouthed blowhole that needed a beat down. It is Closs.

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Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

Boss Closs

God bless the angry man known as Mark Basham. 1) My mother doesn't live in a dump. 2) You're a pitiful man for even disrespecting me like this. Your opinion is solely your own to have, but to call someone out of their name in the ignorant fashion that you have further speaks volumes on your own ignorance. Strangely enough, Mark, I've learned to love people like you through prayer. You should try it. Spewing venom- laced insults at someone over the internet is never a cool look my man. I guess your mother never taught you that though... Sending prayers your way. Peace.

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