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November 22, 2006



wohoo . the lakers won . awesome .
radmanovic looks more like x man w/ his facial hair !

Chris Tagawa

Just to show I do not only come in when the Clippers win, I thought I would post my views of the Game.

1) How is it possible that the Clippers can go extended periods of a game without scoring? With Maggette and Cassell they should at least be able to get to the line.

2) I know the sentiment of the Clipper Nation is that Livingston is the next coming, but sitting Cassell for almost the entire 4th quarter did not make any sense. By the time Dunleavy put him back in (2:30 left in the game) it was too late.

3) Tim Thomas is overpaid.

4) My wife came up with a new description for Chris Kaman. He is "Can't Help But To Stare Ugly." She is absolutely right. At some points during the game, I lost track of the score because I could not pay attention. When he is averaging 15 pts and 12 rebs he is soooo pretty, but 8 and 6 he is CHBTSU.

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