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October 12, 2006



hmmm. i hope com. stern is not just raising funds for irag war vets . i see his coffers filling up quickly w/ big donors being sheed , etc aside from the 3 spurs you id'd !


'Sheed doesn't need any help getting technicals; he does it pretty efficiently anyway. I bet he gets suspended before the allstar break.

girls basketball

The league should crack down on it. It's tiring to see guys complain on every play. Give a technical once early in the season (or game) and you'll see guys stop complaining really quickly.


Hey Brett,

How's it feel to be an idiot?

3rd best record in the league with a 6 game winning streak.

"No chance" indeed.


i thought the spurs complained too much last season, but i don't see how not complaining would make the spurs lose. they cut down. you gotta complain every once in a while of the official thinks you don't care. but it had gotten out of hand.

i did notice that the blazers announcers thought the spurs owned the officials the other night.

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