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October 02, 2006



I thought we'd already gotten rid of the "exhausted" excuse here already too. Have we not? Just more excuses.


Stern to Wade, "Don't worry, you'll still shoot 40 freethrows a night!"


If I was D-Wade, that's all I'd practice: Freethrows and trying to bump into guys and still get a shot off, flailing awkwardly.


Any of you donkeys happen to search before you write? 25 different top players are saying the new ball sucks...and the NBA is about to bring back the old leather version. So much for your ignorant comments.


Check out this 'new ball sucks' pic on http://www.pettproject.com/news_2006_12.html

Clever take on Knicks logo.

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success from 1995....not necessarily going 4-0 but beating the Lakers...say...4-2? Not that I have anything against the Lakers or that I'm a Celtics fan...no, I just think it's only fair if Celtics win after beating Miami, Cleveland and


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