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October 02, 2006



i don't blame eva . tony parker wants to park his thing in other places . go back to bangin' the gardener eva !


Pobre Tony.

I don't know what you're talking about: The 2,000+ shots of Eva Longoria were the only way you could stay awake during a Spurs game, and really the only reason to watch.


A) "I didn't need my NBA coverage becoming another section of US Weekly magazine."

I know it's slow in the NBA news dept., but by acknowledging this story that's exactly what you're doing.

B) Jack = 100% correct.

C) The actual quote is, "for every hot girl, there's a guy who's tired of effing her."


thank you, jesus! now maybe can tony can play some mfin' ball instead of going on oprah. besides, eva longoria is a skank. she can go back to being that untalented n'sync guy's girlfriend and tony can have his fill of young, hot, white girls. so long eva! go spurs!


quote: "hot, white girls." not only is the last adjective unnecessary, it's borderline racist... Is it oxymoron day or something?


it's a joke, guy.

an oxymoron is a combination of words with two contradictory meanings. here's some examples: jumbo shrimp, civil war, cold fire, genius geebs, etc.
white girls is not an oxymoron. unless you believe that all white people are male.

you need to go back to school and quit railing on me because i'm a spurs fan and brett and craig are spur-haters, you little brown-noser. just make a comment about the subject and shut-up. you are a loser because you just bag on other people instead of making a comment on the current subject.

this is how you lash out? in an anonymous forum? you must be a sad pathetic little nothing in life. what do you do all day? surf the net and twist off on people on chat boards? eat your frozen burrito in your efficiency apartment watching the mavericks lose and cry yourself to sleep, masturbating, thinking about that one girl who rejected you after one dinner date 10 years ago? now that, mr. grammar, was a run on sentence.


Do I have to separate the two of you?


My goodness. Be cool guys, be cool.


c'mon dave... let me spell it out for you... I know it's difficult for your typical NBA blog commenter to figure out, but the two phrases which i pointed out to be an oxymoron were "hot" and "white girls". not 'white' and 'girls'. it's an oxymoron made from personal preference. it may be hard to fathom, but not everyone thinks white chicks are all that spectacular.
Brown noser? Wow. sweet. I'm a Suns fan, and they catch plenty of wreck on this site.
fuck. really. you get that upset? Must be because your white girl is raggin on you too hard.
I was crackin a joke, not trying to start an internet flame war, you poptart. Previous to your 'lashing out' i had not bothered to remember your name. obviously, you pay a bit more attention to the comments on this board than I do, but I'll make it a point to fan the flames of your discontent from now on.
your internet stalker.


ps: dave, they've been waiting for you: http://www.spursreport.com/forums/index.php
i'm sure you can swing from nuts all day over there...


wtf! i don't care this much. i just don't want to be called a racist. i'm not really pissed. these are all just jokes. everybody calm down. who lashed out first? hmm.

poptart? ok.

also, hot white is still not an oxymoron. i looked it up. you can't just make stuff up. i call bullshit on that.

believe me i think all women are beautiful on the outside and the inside. just not eva longoria, she sucks.

thanks for the link. . . i guess.

wanna call a truce?

"be on my side, i'll be on your side" - neil young

go suns!


Wow, way to kiss his ass.
But I agree, GO SUNS!


apparently sarcasm is extremely hard to get across on comment blogs.

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