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October 31, 2006



Well...both the Suns' and Lakers' best player will be limited, so it comes down to supporting cast. Let's look at this scientifically:

PG: Steve Nash vs. Smush Parker...um...Advantage Suns, by MILES.

SG: Raja Bell vs. Kobe? or some other peon...Advantage Suns. Raja will just break Kobe's other knee or completely own anyone else they put in there. Advantage Suns.

SF: Matrix vs. VladRad. Except in 3 point shooting (which the Matrix can do to an extent), Marion owns vladrad. Advantage Suns

PF: Odom vs. Diaw: Actually a pretty good matchup. Odom is stronger. Diaw is faster. Tie.

C: Kurt Thomas vs. Anybody...The Lakers have no center. Kwame is a pussy, and Bynum is a teenager. Advantage Suns.

Well....looks like the Suns have nearly EVERY advantage over the Lakers. I think they'll win. 111-94


This of course is only for the projected starters. Stoudemire and Barbosa coming off the bench are far beyond anything off the LA bench.


@ Jack:

"Kwame is a pussy"

Phil Jackson, everybody! Thanks for reading our site, Phil.


"Kurt Thomas vs. Anybody... Advantage Suns."

Kurt Thomas??? Bynum will be overmatched because of PHX's speed and not because of Kurt Thomas. Remember, there's no bonus points for hurling bricks. I'm still amazed that Thomas once led the nation in scoring in college. There must have been some seriously soft rims at TCU.


BTW - Raja Bell should send all his endorsement checks to Kobe, because he's NOBODY without him.

Then again, what kind of endorsements do they have in PHX. Melanoma treatment? Designer gun holsters? AZ Cardinal fan suicide prevention?


actually, a relative of mine lives in phx, (I have been once and didn't really like it...) I guess Marion has a furniture store endorsement w/ a place called "the Furniture Warehouse" or something and while they are showing their enormous inventory, a blue-screened Marion image floats into one side of the screen and says "It's a slam dunk." in the most unenthusiastic manner possible. I saw the commercial when I was out there. It was so low budget and hilarious. Somebody needs to youtube that shit.


Raja Bell is endorsed by Taco Bell so I imagine that's a somewhat sizeable sum. More than I get for endorsing... well I don't have any.

Shawn Marion's furniture endorsement is from The Roomstore. It is a cheap looking commercial but they have played it so many times it is burned into my subconscious. Shawn isn't exactly the greatest public speaker, I often can't understand a word he says.

Oh and don't sleep on the casino endorsements! I guess you guys are just trying to say that L.A. has better endorsements, which is lame. All the endorsements in the world can't make Kobe, Kwame, and Luke Walton winners.

Kurt Thomas is far better than anything the Lakers have not named Odom. He is a defensive player but he does have one of the nicest mid range jumpers. Definitely a top center in the league.

Oh, and you spelled Stoudemire wrong again.


raja bell got the taco bell commercial ' coz of 'bell' .

odom don't have any endorsement 'cos odom reminds peeps of rectum !


"but he does have one of the nicest mid range jumpers. Definitely a top center in the league."

How far has the center position fallen if Kurt Thomas is considered good. Dude, I used to watch a ton of the Knicks games back in the Van Gundy era and Thomas was purely a hack.

A lot of Thomas' "success" is because of Nash and the system they run.

BTW - I saw a bitter Clipper fan wearing an old Odom jersey with "scr" written before the name. So I'm thinking that Odom's still waiting for those testicular cancer endorsements.

"Odom for Scrotum treatment." (for the slow ones out there)


It's true that the Center position has been all but abandoned.

Sure he may not be flashy and may not put up huge stat lines but he is a great post defender and has a nice jumper. His success isn't because of Nash, his numbers were down from being on the Knicks.

Yet he was the cornerstone of The Suns defense that had them in the top of the league. Every championship contending team has the guy who does the dirty work. He is a guy that gives you 100% every night and some nasty fouls. His presence is a game changer. There is a reason Amare wanted him on the team, he is the most difficult to score on.

And who's better? Kwame, Diop, Brendan Haywood, Zo, a guy named Andrea, Troy Murphy, Nazr? I'd much rather have Thomas, his contributions help you win actual games.

He's healthy and in better shape this year, I hope he makes you eat your words with fancy stat lines.


Now that you mention it, the center spot really blows. The Suns will need him when they play the Spurs, Bulls, Heat and Pistons, but I wouldn't go as far as calling him a "game changer."

The Suns were able to go far last season without Thomas and if Amare returns to the 2004-05 form, I can't see Thomas playing more than 15 minutes a game.


thomas is essentially a role player on the suns. Especially with STAT rotating between F-C on both sides of the court, (depending on offensive strategy)and the roster loaded with better offensive F's than Thomas will ever be at C... His presence on the offensive end is not huge. That said, he'll get a couple of blocks and play his part in the screen and roll well... Phoenix has no "defensive strategy" outside of trying to make a stop or jumping higher for boards. Should be a fun game to watch tonight though. I predict a Suns victory, which would be a good look for the Roomstore. btw: is anyone getting ANY work done today? Or is everyone just reading NBA headlines and posting comments on messageboards?


I'm too geeked about tonight to get any work done! The preseason was so booooring and I was "this close" to giving away my tickets to tonight's game. I'm glad I came to my senses.

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