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October 31, 2006



LeBron had the highest FG% in the NBA in the last two minutes of games decided by 5 points or less or something. Like by far - the "not clutch" thing was because he passed the ball instead of taking the last shot. It's all garbage anyway.


The way that Spurs Mavs playoff series went down to an OT Game 7, it's ridiculous to try and predict a team to come out of the West.

I'll go DAL or SA against DET in the Finals...too much regular season tanking by MIA to be ready for June, and too much hunger from the core four of DET.


these are all pretty safe precictions ' cept the last one .
for the sake of uniformity , , you shd. restate no.5 as follows :

the san antonio spurs will be as boring as before .


tony parker is made of glass. tim duncan carries the team into the post season and is too tired to push any more. bowen and finley are a bit long in the tooth, manu is manu (would be a better soccer player w/ the flopping...) I don't think they'll get it done. Depends on who they play in the first round, but I'm thinkin first round exit for the spurs... Their time has come and gone, and they did what they could (including win championships) during that time.


I do think the Spurs will do well this year (and be REALLY boring doing it), win a smooth 60 games, and be in the WCF. But, that's where it will end. Phoenix is going to meet them there, and in a 04-05 rematch of titans. It will be epic. Then, Phoenix will race past Detroit in the finals in 6 games.


san antonio will win the 2006-07 championship. that is the first thing i've read on this blog that has made any sense. you guys have finally come around.

made of glass? tony parker had more pts in the paint last year than any other point gaurd in the league. manu is manu? what does that even mean? tim duncan is a stud. he was hurt in the regular season. he wasn't tired in the playoffs, he played his f'in guts out. boring? that series with dallas (except for the 2 blow-outs) was some of the most entertaining basketball i've seen in years. i doubt any of you watch a single spurs game until the playoffs start.

kudos to dallas for getting it done, but it won't happen this year. the spurs are pissed and hungry. you have to admit san antonio and miami would've made for a better finals. shaq and duncan going at it. manu and d wade drawing charges on each other. tony parker smokin' j will. the spurs wouldn't have tanked 4 games in a row either.


Nice post Dave but almost everyone on the sports blogs hates on the Spurs, they are boring, whiners, etc etc.

I agree with you though and think as usual they laid low, worked on their game w/the new players and are going to get it done this year.

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