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September 08, 2006



Too "hood" for Reeboks? Whatever. The truth is, no major shoe company was willing to give that maniac a shoe contract. Hell, even BEFORE the infamous brawl, the best shoe contract Ron could get was with L.A. Gear...not exactly a titan in the shoe industry.

And I'm sorry, but if my math skills are any good at all, that price tag is about $130 USD. Seriously, how many people are going to pay that kind of money to own Ron Artest shoes? I mean, they look decent, but not great by any means.


They look pretty nice, but don't they lack good ankle support?


i don't think it's a good move on artest's side to promote such a high priced shoes for someone trying to recover his marketability .
ron shd. follow starbury's move . he scored a p.r. homerun w/ his $15 shoes !


Who would buy Ron Artest shoes anyway, even if they were the most ballin' shoes around? I mean, damn, he ain't THAT great...Just an ungrateful blowhard and wannabe rapper.


ESPECIALLY at $130 a pop.


Theyre good shoes I owned a pair. On the old kicksology website the Doc gave em a good rating (A, A-?).


I do not know if you try to be funny by saying the land of David Haselhoff, Adolf Hitler and warm beer - or if you are just stupid and the world stops at the US border. I do know that your last name doesn't sound very american ;)


Considering I was in Germany for the World Cup and drank some great cold beer (Kolsch)... well you can pretty much guess where I was coming from. Cheers!


So you went to Germany? I guess you didn t meet David or Adolf and the beer wasn t cold? So what was true about your sentence? ;)


Man, it was a joke. Don't get so upset.


Aside from all this debate over the sensitive european dialogue... the shoe is pretty fresh but I refuse to drop 130 on some k1x. ANd I would not describe artests game as proffesional. He's good no question and deserves his own shoe. BUt like hasselhoff he doesn't do his country justice representation wise. LOL


Funny! Someone says 130$ and everyone just figures he must be right because of the unbelieveable math skills that are required to type a number on a computer! It's 108$, folks! Pretty decent price for a good pair of basketball shoes, if you ask me (or doc k from kicksology!).

Even if you're not a Ron Artest fan, you can buy this shoe and still enjoy the fact that you can't get these shoes at the footlocker next door and therefore your ugly neighbor's kid with the running nose and dirty hair can't wear the same shoes like you are. It's a kinda exclusive shoe for people who want stuff you can't get everywhere.


wat do u mean hes not that great hes the best defensive player to play.his 3 point shooting is gonna be there this season too. those r tight underground shoes


how do i buy the ron artest shoes?


ARTEST is one of DA BEST DEFENSE PLAYERS IN THE NBA. Y'ud DROOL to 'ave him on UR TEAM! I was at the Kings vs Houston Rockets game on Feb 13, 2007, and ARTEST ROCKED!!! I jus mayBe gonna buy me a pair o' dez cuul SHOEZ. I hear his rap cd aint all that BAAD neither - TaK a luuk at the STATS, man, ARTEST = SUCCESS

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Bing knows something about sporting success, having been a Hall of Fame guard for the Detroit Pistons from 1966-75. And he is enjoying seeing the restaurants, bars and hotels bustling during the city's hot streak.


Amen klleex, AMEN.but i LOVE kobe and all his haters just fuel him so whatever. and artest calling barkley overrated? im surprised i haven't heard anything about barkley saying something back at him. but the best was the apology serenade in the falsetto 2 tha truth. literally tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!

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