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August 25, 2006



I wonder why Gynobili has skate shoes?


Man, I've got to start putting maps in MY shoes. I mean, it's brilliant. Although in my case I can either walk or drive. I'm not sure Manu could walk on an airfield, whip out his insole, and say "Take me there."

Just for fun, I also bought a pair of the officially licensed NBA shoes from Target. At $30, they're twice as expensive as the Starburys...so will they be twice as good? Time will tell.

John R

Dunks are done. They sell them at Pacific Sunwear.


"Dunks are done. They sell them at Pacific Sunwear."

The 6.0's have officially marked the downfall of the Dunks.

The Knicks suck

When I scroll up and down the page it makes it look like the shoes are moving around. Man Iv'e got to lay off the drugs.

If you watch the WNBA long enough you'll start craving drugs and other colorful narcotics. I only watched for about 2 minutes and now I'm hooked on the stuff. They should just have the NB T & A, like that MAD TV sketch with Jalen Rose in it. Now that was classy TV.


The Dunks aren't a great shoe anyway. There basically a low cost alternative for air force ones. If I had an outfit to match and was going to a really dark night club I'd rock those. And I wouldn't care if they got scuffed or not


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