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August 30, 2006



I've been so busy preparing for my fantasy football draft, and there's been so little NBA news lately, I haven't been keeping track of the sports tickers. So your post actually shocked the hell out of me. I'm literally just stunned. I knew Chris Mullin had gone mad, but now I'm starting to wonder if a couple GSW fans circa 1992 killed him and are running the business with his corpse, ala "Weekend at Bernie's." This is preposterous.

But you know, now that I think about it, Nelly might very well have been the best choice for the Warriors after all. Remember, he specializes in putting together patchwork lineups that create matchup problems for his opponents, and his offense usually revolves around isolating his best offensive players out on a wing our at the top of the key. So maybe...maybe...but it's still going to be Run-TMC light.


Nice job on finding the creepiest possible picture of Nellie.


Everyone's missing the obvious reason for this...Chris Mullin's back on the sauce.

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his offense usually revolves around isolating his best offensive players out on a wing our at the top of the key. So maybe


Tough break on this one. Hopefully we don't have to see the Heat win it all. Does anyone want that? Please try and keep it to under 100 commnets as I don't know what the limits on blogger are.


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