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July 24, 2006


Degenerate of corn

It sure as hell shouldn't happen in a real game, or Amare should just drag himself off the court and persue a career as a turkey; their always getting stuffed.

I'm sure he'll bounce back though and have a great up comming season. This block still isn't as good as the one Amare layed on Tim Duncan in the Western Conference finals a year back.


that looks photoshopped....


yeh , but it did not show the continuation and end of that shot .
amare stuffed the ball with chris paul stll hanging !


The photo is legit. I pullled it off the NBA page on Yahoo.


You spelled Stoudemire wrong.


viewing that pic, it looks like Amare has just barely left the floor. The old version would still have another 24in to rise and would power right through little c paul. But todays Amare seems to be pinned, and that makes me sad.


Just a sidenote. You'll notice Amare seems to be attempting his shot from behind/under the backboard. That's one of the hardest angles to score from, and also one of the places your shot is most likely to be blocked (because you have nowhere to go).


Looks like he stopped because he smashed his left hand on the bottom of the backboard.


Wow, pretty sad....I'm not going to make any real judgements until the season starts, but this isn't a good sign.

Amare was jaw-droppingly good in '05, it would be tragic if that was his last effective season.


Good point b-bawful, just that the 2005 Amare wouldn't get blocked from any angle no matter how difficult the shot. Just ask the 2005 Tim Duncan, which you'll find on the bottom of Amare's shoes.

BTW - Spelling corrected, thanks for the tip Lucas. We NEVER want to get Amare confused with Damon in any way.


Is that the "new and improved ball" they are using? It looks like one of those waxed over balls you would find in a gift shop.

Pimp Dice

continuation and end of the shot? The man has his hand on top of the ball. If I was a betting man I would put my money on the fact that he's not going to make that shot.

Chris Clarke

I agree with both basketbawful and ChrisH: he's almost behind the goal, just barely getting off the ground. It's not like that's as high as he can jump, and suddenly waterbugs like Paul can hang with him. He's just trying to make a very tough shot, and they're probably not going full-on anyway. They're practicing. I won't read anyhting into this one.


you're stupid.....recovry from knee surgery....Did u see his last season? what, 20 points a game? oh, yeah thats what i thought, shut up

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