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July 19, 2006



morrison will be like christian laettner in the dream team '72.
i think he should just concentrate on practicing with his nba team.
all the talk abt. him learning from his stint w/ the squad is b.s.
look at laettner's pro career.


Wow, Gil is wearing a non-zero number.


Arenas wearing 21... I'll bet that has something to do with Blackjack.

Along the same lines there's a J.J. Redick and soft-16 joke in there somewhere.


morrison pro career will be alright .
as to jj reddick , it's ken lay .
they both shd. quit the squad

I Fux

yo Morrison just looks out of place, exactly how he will look on defense in the fall or when his shooting percentages are horrible at the end of the year

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