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July 04, 2006



In Brand's defense it looks like Amare may have traveled before the dribble. Check out the pivot foot (feet).

I also really hope he comes back to the player he was going to be. Based on his 2005 Western Conference Finals performance it looked like he was going to be as dominant as Shaq in his prime, offensively at least.


no one is as dominant as shaq
stoudamire is good .even great .but he cannot be as dominant as shaq .he'6'10''and plays more like a pf.
the days of anyone lower than 7'0'' and/or < 300 lbs. dominating the game like bill russell is over.
greg olden ? we'll see.


Yeah thats a good one, i have one of the best Amare utube mix's on my Suns blog here:


And another candidate for utube hall of fame is a clip of Shawn Marion:



I didn't enjoy Simmons' list very much. I guess we have different senses of humor.


I watch the NBA: What is travelling?


Travelling is only called on star players in November to get the "woah, the NBA is changing!" comment from the media.

Other than that, travelling usually gets called on the average players at 3 steps. The worst/best/worst example of travelling by superstar was LeBron's game winner in game 3 against the Wiz in the playoffs.

I wrote about that: http://theassociation.blogs.com/the_association/2006/04/lewalk.html


GOD DAMN-IT. You made me think about refs and poor officiating again... I was all wrapped up in the draft/trade stuff, and had almost totally repressed all memories of that recent tragedy/farce known as the "NBA Finals."

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