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July 13, 2006



colangelo said in yerterday's press con introducing parker that the raps line up will be totally different from last year. he's right. at least half of the team will be new faces by the time he's finished.
one thing abt. b.c. as a gm , he won't be accused of inactivity .
b'c' is is great !


Umm itirked me to read you calling Anthony Parker a point guard he is a swingman G/F.. none the less nice blog u got going here


Nat, I thought he was a PG at Maccabi... my bad. Thanks for the props!


nice call on the Jackson "sell-off" leaving even fewer left from the RonRon/Heeeeere's Johnny blemish

still wishing for KG?

and as for Sham well somebody had to have him


Well, Parker won the eurolegue MVP last season, so I belive he can help a regular season team in the NBA... He is a great player, and should be a huge help for the raptors.


Anthony is an uncool name


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