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July 20, 2006



"He could even attempt suicide just to fit in and he STILL wouldn't come off as a Seattleite or Seattle-ian or whatever you call them."


Maybe the offseason is getting to me, or maybe I'm just not a true basketball fan anymore. But for some reason, I just don't care whether the Sonics move or not. There must be something with me.

Imperial Why

Hey get in line; I dont care if the Sonics move either. Its not like they are a legit contender anymore.

At least WA still has their Seahawks. Thats not saying very much, but who cares

NW Snobs

The top of your website claims to have intelligent commentary on the NBA. I hardly think that someone with such a simple black and white view as you could claim real intelligence. And come on, can you grow up enough not to throw around all the "redneck" references? What a regionalcentric low-watt bulb you are.


Ditto to the above.

GROW UP !!!!!


Obviously people who are not Sonics fans are not going to care whether they leave or not. However, those of us who are fans will be disappointed for a long time to come at the apathy of this community when it comest to a unique and successful franchise. I really love the whole "what have you done for me lately" that Seattlites tend to flaunt.


Obviously people who are not Sonics fans are not going to care whether they leave or not. However, those of us who are fans will be disappointed for a long time to come at the apathy of this community. Especially, when it comes to such a unique and successful franchise like the Supersonics. I really love this whole "what have you done for me lately" attitude that many Seattleites tend to flaunt.


Let's see....Seattle now has $150 million of "private" money to put towards Key Arena....plus some billionaires ready to buy the Sonics and keep them in Seattle. Seattle is the 12th largest market in the U.S., Oaky City is the 49th...makes perfect business sense...not. Screw you Clay Bennett, you cow fucker.


Let the Sonics go if they want, but Seattle should demand that the Supersonics trademark remain, as Cleveland kept the Browns. But let's see.....what would be a new name for the relocated franchise? Something befitting Clay Bennett's stellar image.....let's see...hey, I've got it! The Okie City Peckerwoods! You better grab that name fast, Okies, before Little Rock strongarms the Lakers.

Seattle Sucks

Hey Seattle:

TOUGH SHIT. You had your chance to keep your team and you lost it. Get over it.



I think Clippers can go to Seattle and if Arenas comes,we'll be perfeKt!


Seattle Sucks:

I agree, Seattle does suck, but I don't live there, either. I just thought Stern gave Seattle a raw deal while kissing his butt-buddy Bennett's ass. This will come back to haunt the NBA.

And by the way, I would (if I had to make a choice) much rather live in Seattle than Okie City. So if Seattle does suck, what does that tell you about Okie City, peckerwood!


Since I live in OKC - I ofcourse want an NBA team here. HOWEVER, do the Sonic's deserve to be moved in a state that has serious issues and not tolerant. Recently, an OK State rep comapared homosexuality to terrorism. I don't think the surviving members of the 9/11 terrorist attacks will appreciate the comparison. Yet, not ONE Oklahoman (besides the gay community) feels the comment was inappropriate. If that was a coach or team member saying that or making comments about a race what do you think the NBA would do?

The players will get respect as long as they bring in money and entertain our "kin folks" the lack of tolerance and constant display of ignorance concerns the true fans. Are we setting these players up to fail by moving them from a semi-free thinking city to ultra conservatism. They have it good in Seattle...they may not have a new staduim, but look at the state they are moving to.

Here is what I am reffering to: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,338271,00.html



You mean the government doesn't pander to queers in Okie City? No special rights for sodomites? I'm gonna start packing my bags. Okie City sounds like a good place to live.


Seattle is wonderful city. If it were not the "apathy of the community", the Sonics would not be leaving.
When united, no doubt you will have a another opportunity. Many in Oklahoma are very glad to have an NBA team.


Dear Seattle,

Congraulations on losing your team to a smaller market, you have joined the likes of Kansas City, Buffalo, and my personal favorite Vancouver. But don't feel bad, out of all those teams only The Royals didn't turn around and make the playoffs next year. I don't know if I like the name Oklahoma City Supersonics, then again Supersonics is probally one of the most retarded names I've ever heard in my life. Oh well you still have the Seahawks and Mariners.

David Yandell

How many dumb Pollack commentators does it take to make fools of themselves? Apparently only one. How absurd for an Ellis Islander to take on pretensions of superiority over the founding population.Can anyone say "wretched refuse"? At any rate,I've always found it strange to watch a bunch of white guys sit around and watch sweaty black guys play with balls.So please do everything you can to keep your rapist,drug dealing,canine killing scum in Seattle.We have enough in our college programs.

Matt Johnson

Clay Bennett, is gay just like the rest of the dill weeds in OK

Matt Johnson

Leave it to the scum in OK to lie, cheat, and steal a NBA team
I guess the rumor about redneck incest is true just look at the people in OK...scumbags of the mid west!! Uncle daddy


Stop crying about your team who gives a fuck if they move here to OKC they suck and makes no dofference where there at we will probally only have them for a year or two anyway


I know nothing about Seattle except that it is cool and beautiful. I DO know that Oklahoma is hot, humid, and has the WORST roads in the Nation. There will probably be a lot of welcoming, easily impressed Fans for the new team, but that will be if any of them can get to the arena through all the potholes.


Well my name is Clay and I am from Oklahoma. After reading this article I feel Washington may have the larger problem with inbread morons running around, some are obviously even attemting to write so called intelligent articles!! Then again it could just be a case of "SORE LOSER". No disrespect to true Sonics fans (I for one have been to Washington and know not everyone there is an inbread moron).

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