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July 07, 2006



the nba cares is a good thing.
even the hockey press here in canada recognized the excellent 'psa' the nba churns out.
they said , ' why can't the nhl do the same '.
27 cameras or whatever , the finished product is what counts !

Renaldo Balkman

Wait...why did The Knicks pick me again?

Pimp Dice

Did he say real ballers like... Antoine Walker? I would rather have the Chicago Bulls cop punching mascot on my team.


Hey I was at that Turkey Day shelter shindig. The turkey was alright but the cranberry sauce reeked like my nuts.


i think isiah made a mistake . in the last draft.
he meant blackman instead of bachman.
he's picking any blackman who know's how to play basketball in the entire state of new york to bail him out !


Why is it that it seems that half the world of sports NBA etc...always seems to help the black kids when there is whited kids out there who need help as well.


Sorry for the typo meant to type white not whited


I feel that the NBA Cares Initiative is a great idea. For all of the service projects that we see on television, there's at least ten more that don't publicized. I'm in a public service sorority and we do tons of projects throughout the year. We take pictures, when its appropriate, because those are memories that we want to archive. Are we overexposing ourselves for that? Further, there's such a focus on the private lives and indiscretions of these basketball players a little good exposure certainly won't hurt and I think that anyone who is willing to bash NBA players doing good works in various communities of society is just pissed that they aren't reporting on the latest punchfest on the court during a game. Lastly, no one is trying to hide the fact that there are disadvantaged white children/people in our society. More often than not, a disadvanted community is comprised of whites, blacks, and members of other races as well, and again, what you see on television is not the whole story. There may be four black children sitting at the table that the camera happens to be on, but what about the white child sitting at the table in the corner that you aren't seeing? Helping those in need is helping those in need that is not a black or white issue but one regarding the well-being of our society. Stop making everythin about race people.


heiii !

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