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July 27, 2006



That guy looks like some kind of whiny ass bitch. Yeah you got knocked out of the playoffs in the second round, but cheer up... your a millionair after all you stupid pussy.


Nothing says "Have a nice weekend" more than that!


bwhaaaaa , somebody stole my ball !


Boris Diaw, Ronnie Turiaf? Wow watch out world it looks France will be taking home the gold this year. If you cant tell that is sarcasm.

I was rooting for the France Futbol team in the World Cup, right up untill that disastrous World Cup Final. I wonder if Tony Parker will head but someone in the chest if a player on the court calls him a "dirty frenchman" or something like that, maybe after one of his manny trips down the lane like a loose cannon.


first, learn to spell. second, with enough searching i could find a picture of your favorite player making the same exact face. and finally, is there ever any intelligent commentary or "journalism" on this blog, or do you just spend all of your time making fun of guys with actual talent. i bet tony parker could kick all of your computer-geek asses. you got your ass kicked by a cry-baby frenchman. lol. hell, i bet eva longoria could kick your ass. who' really the stupid pussy. hmm.


First, lets try using some punctuation and capital letters at the beginning of our sentences (What are you in second grade?)

Secondly if you see Tony Parker shooting jump shots or threes, any talk of actual talent just goes flying out the window. If the guy wasn't one of the fastest players on the court he would be second string.


I can't believe that's actually a real pic of T.P.

He looks like he's about 5, crying a day care 'cause he didnt get his snack.

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