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July 11, 2006


Dean Wermer



I'm afraid it could be a sign of things to come for 06-07 since the TV ratings were quite good for this years Finals....eek.


The ratings were better than last year, but not good enough... the World Cup got better ratings. Hopefully, this means that Wade won't get the Jordan calls next season... I hope.

Madcap Vagrant

Well of the course the World Cup got better ratings than the NBA Finals, thats a given. I'm guessing under 50% of us Americans watched our team fail miserably at the WC. How manny Brazilians watched their team, like 85%? Its pretty much like that for every other country besides the USA. Tally that up and manny more people are watching the World Cup. Opposed to however manny Americans, Europeans, Germans and a slew of Asian's watching the NBA finals.


I'm was actually surprised that so many Americans watched the World Cup. Being a closet soccer fan, I hear all the time that soccer (futbol) is boring and will never succeed in the US. Plus, with Stern obviously looking to increase ratings by giving LeBron and Wade 35 free-throw attempts a game, he needs to find a better way to seek ratings because his marquee event, The Finals, did not beat what is usually considered the 6th or 7th favorite sport in the US.

BTW - Count me as one of the 50% who saw the US fail miserably at the WC. I was actually in Gelsenkirchen to see them get rolled 3-0 by the Czech Republic. Tough match to watch in person.

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