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July 02, 2006



this means kmart is definitely out.he's a big headache to coach karl.
nene is more manageable.he is big like walmart but comes at a discount .


i think nene has a lot of potential, but that is a hefty paycheck. k-mart definately needs to go. i'm hoping the knicks are going to be involved.
this is gonna be one of those years when mediocre players score big contracts. in a year where ben wallace (no offense, but he is a one dimensional player) is the biggest free agent, there should be bloated contracts galore. ben got a big contract from da bulls and everyone is calling for a new bulls dynasty. calm down, kids. the heat and the pistons are still better than the bulls. a lot better. the pistons still have sheed, mcdyess, davis and just signed nazr mohammed. no free agent this year is going to be a huge difference maker.
my spurs aren't exactly setting the world on fire. i'm not impressed. first we trade rasho for bonner (who?) and eric "never been good" williams. we lose nazr for nothing, get dissed by pryzbilla and now we have no center. i guess if we don't tell him what position he's playing, tim can play center like he's been doing for the last nine years. i say we trade for jamaal magliore, who the bucks want to dump and get some young guns like jr smith or the recently recovered jarvis hayes.


The more I think about it, the more it looks like K-Mart will be moved. Dave, I too want him shipped to New York just to add to the circus.

The Bulls getting Wallace was nice, but in no way are they contenders. They lack the goto swingman that you need come playoff time (Wade, LeBron, Kobe, Ginobili, etc.)

I am curious what the Spurs will do now that both Rasho and Mohammed are gone. Given their front office's track record, they'll find some obscure Euro that will drop 12 and 8 every night. As much as I hate the Spurs, they have the best front office in the league. Can't Isiah Thomas do some consulting on the side to SA?

Magliore is like those Cuban pitchers who lie about their age. Last season he looked like he was 40 plus. I don't think SA should go for him.

I'll sum up the free agent signings later this week.


robertas javtokas is the obscure euro. i don't know if he's any good but he looks like drago from rocky iv.

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