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June 27, 2006



the nba copied one of pat riley's motivational tool.
the black box contains thousands of david stern's wallet size photo for giveaways.


mark cuban's shame? a new set of balls for the spurs and pistons? better referees? a nice collection of good music for dirk? avery johnson's faith in god? pat riley's jet black #5 hair color? is it just me or we all going to be hugely disappointed?


the new nba off-the-court uniform? (read: as non-'street' clothes as possible(read: sweatervests and dockers(read: whitewashed (read: kobe's off-court attire)))) BETTER NOT BE ANY LEGGINGS, LOW HANGING SHORTS, JEWELERY, NIKE AF-1'S W/ DESIGNER INSERTS, THROWBACK JERSEYS, HEAD WRAPS, KUFIS OR TALL WHITE-TEES IN THAT THING!!! IT INTIMIDATES THE PEOPLE THAT CAN AFFORD SEASON TICKETS!!!


I'm guessing inside the box is a new basketball with "new technology". Basically the soccer ball was redesigned to remove seams and prevent it from becoming lopsided. This makes it the truest round ball of them all. This will be applied to a basketball by rearranging the seams (but not removing them).

That's my guess.


WMD? AIDS? Anthrax? Iraq?


Hey Sean,

Thanks for getting us flagged by the FBI and the DHS. Just to make absolutely sure we get flagged:

jfk, c4, allah, 9/11, george w bush, osama, kiddie porn.

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