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June 21, 2006



Clipper fans can suck it! Very College Football of them to run smack on the Lakers for Shaq winning the NBA title. Again, Shaq brought the Lakers 3 titles and a TON of misery to the Clippers during his 8 seasons in LA. In fact, during Shaq's 8 seasons the Clippers won all of ZERO playoff games, never beat the Lakers more than once in a season and Shaq had his career high of 61 against the Clippers (all because Donald T. Sterling would not give Shaq free tickets for friends and family, Shaq was heard yelling, "Fuck you! I'm gonna drop 50 on y'all!").


The Mavericks were cheated out of the championship. They clearley won 5 out of the six games. The calls in games 3 and 5 were totally in favor of the Heat to secure the win. Look at the free throw discrepancy, if there is any doubt. How about the no call at the end of game 6, that seized the victory for the Heat. Jason Terry was fouled and should have gone to the line, after all isn't that what ocurred in game 5 in Miami. David Stern needs to retire, he need look no further than himself in placing blame on the fans questioning the integrity of the game. The Miami cHEAT enjoy your ill gotten victory. Gary Payton can stop chasing the ring, Alonzo Mourning can write his memoirs and Shaq has finally redeemed himself...he got the ring before Kobe. D Wade keep drawing those warm up fouls that get you to the line and get you going. You are the only talent, but it don't hurt to have the officials on your side.

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