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June 09, 2006



The worst thing about this game was the ABC coverage. The freakin sky cam, they never put on the screen how many fouls players had and when Shaq was shooting the free throws we knew he'd missed them but again - nothing on the screen like 0-5 or whatever. Why can't these games be on TNT????


As someone who has the HDTV thing going on, I really like the skycam. It gets old watching the game from the same angle and the skycam gives you another perspective, almost like you're sitting in the arena. I guess it's just a personal preference.

As for the coverage, I think for the sake of ratings they try not to pile on Shaq too much. They always heap praise on him for things like passing out of the double team, and only mentioned the free throws when he approached his own record of 0-8.


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