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June 02, 2006



Conference Trophies are retarded, what's worse Conference banners hanging up in Arenas like Conseco Fieldhouse Pacers Eastern Conference champs, how can you be a champ and than get demolished in the Finals by the real champs?

I thought the Mavs did an okay job of looking ahead to the finals and downplaying the "trophy/western conference champs" bit, but just even mentioning it is really dumb. Like cutting down the nets after you win your region and move on to the final 4. Maybe for a team like George Mason it's okay but not anyone else.



They could sure learn from the NHL. You don't touch the conference trophies, you hardly even look at them. They mean nothing.


would you be overly excited if your team finally won, after being 2 minutes away from that same spot the year before IN SPITE of being an injured, limping, bleeding team? imagine having to wait an entire year to get the chance to erase the recurring nightmare. those wounds were still raw for the core of the team. or better yet, imagine having a kidney disorder ending your hopes of ever playing the game again, let alone having the chance to play in the finals. or imagine listening to the media and public tear your team apart for an entire year...doubting your every move on and off the court. would you savor the said trophy ceremony for a few minutes?

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