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June 12, 2006



You got to give Shaq props on that one. That was a very classy like move to skip the press conference where he would assume the role of a zombie and half way mutter some sarcastic remark every now and then.

It just amazes me that this is the same guy that wants to be mentioned with the likes of greatness such as Bill Russell or Kareem. Granite he does already have three championships, but is that really enough? Shaq has been playing like these games dont even matter. Like we are a weak into the season or something. These are the NBA playoffs(where legonds are born) and apparently Shaq and basically everyone on the Heat squad doesn't seem to get it.


That photo looks like ALL of the German Sports Television. With some Nazi looking dude (in this case Becker) talking with a HUGE microphone. Nothing else to add except that when the German comentator speaks English it sounds like some creepy sexual deviant. ("Und now vee zee da sexee looking ladiez!")

FYI - I'll be back on Sunday for some Euro takes and more NBA junk, including betting on the NBA Finals in Germany... and winning some side cash (Thanks to Dirk in Game 2).

lynda kay

Dude that is the funniest damn thing ever. I'm gonna borrow it if you don't mind.


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