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June 14, 2006



Remember the words of basketbawful: The Heat will win a tough Game 3 (check), the Mavs will win a tough Game 4 (tonight), the Heat win Game 5 by double digits, and the Mavs finish them off in Game 6. Those words will be carved on my tombstone. I just like my pizza that way.

ceiling fan of death

I hope they dont carve that on your tombstone with a permanant chizzle. That was a fasle prediciton in the sense that the blow out came early. Hopefully the Mavs can get thier act together and win a close game 5. Then we will see what happens from there.

Chris Tagawa

The series starts tomorrow. Each team has a blow-out and each team let one slip away. Although some might dipute the Heat should have won game one. I would expect nothing short than an all out battle in game five. I do have a playoff theory about missing players (suspension or otherwise). All except for the tanks that are the Spurs, everytime a player has been suspended during the 2006 playoffs, that team has stepped up and won. It is well documented that I am pulling for the Heat in the series, but I thought the theory was worth mentioning.


I don't know about this game, think it will come down to which team lets nerves get to them. If the Mavs - and I mean Dirk - get nervous and Heat shows more confidence they could have a chance to go up 3-2. If the Mavs come out strong and Dirk puts his weak performance in past games behind him the Mavs go up 3. At this point though I give a small advantage to Wade since now its up to Dirk to prove himself.

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