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June 22, 2006



I think Stan Van Gundy should have stumbled onto the court in a drunken stupor near the end of Game 6, a la Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers. That's the only thing that could have made up for the castration that Riley performed on him this season.


All it comes down to is...the Mavericks choked. And I am a die-hard mavs fan. The calls in game 5 hurt us, but remember, the bad calls dont have to be at the end of the game to screw us, the numbers speak for themselves, wade pitched a tent at the fould line. As far as Cuban is concerned...its good to see that not everybody in the US hates Cuban and blames him for the mental lapse of the Mavs in these finals. THey chiked plain and simple, but dont you think they have a good chance next season??

Pimp Dice

As long as Dirk and Stack and all those guys come back they will have a significant chance. Maybe they should opt for trading Devin Harris though. After the Spurs series he hurt the team more than he helped. The man was a walking turnover. And why drive to the lane when Alonzo Mourning is near? Does he need to wear a shirt that says "Hi, I'm Alonzo Mourning, if your going for a layup and your not 7'5'' stay out of the lane"

Josh Howard will be the future of the Mavericks. Provided that those potential game winning free throws that he botched dont haunt him into early sedation. With Josh, Dirk, and Jason Terry I'm sure the Mavs will be back in the Finals next year; Hopefully a little wiser.


That was hilarious--thanks.

Here's mine:

Wade: Lees, it was a team effort, I just performed when my team needed me. (To Ali G) Are you serious? I'm D-Wade, of the Miami Heat, #3.

J.E. Skeets

Michael Doleac – “Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, Karl Malone, John Stockton ... One, me. Zero, you. Muahahahaha..."


d wade: "joey crawford..." (chokes back tears)... "words cannot express my gratitude to you for making this happen... You're like my own personal Dick Bavetta..." (sob)

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