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June 29, 2006


Dean Wermer

Don't be hating the Kupchak. Seriously, who would you have taken at that spot? You know the Lakers were praying Marcus would slide four more slots down the board to them. Crap, it almost happened! And they got Maurice Evans for nothing. Drafting that low, not a bad outing even if the odds are Farmar doesn't develop into a starter.


Good point, Dean! I just can't trust anything that Mitch does these days. The Farmar pick was just so easy to predict, verrrry safe and a quick fix to win over the fanbase.

Now go fix that Delta House "problem"!


i think i saw spike lee mumbling ' he's a sleeper ' right after stern announced the knicks' pick.

spike should have mumbled , he'll go to sleep instead.

Dean Wermer

You are on triple secret probation, mister!

I know it's not a Lakers blog, but any thoughts on free agent role players that might be slotted in around kobe & lamar (terrible tragedy about his newest child)?

J.E. Skeets

"I'm loving the effect the NBA dress code has had on Adam Morrison. Wednesday he looked like he came straight from his summer job at Blockbuster."

You know how brilliant that is, right? Well done...


I saw the photo I of Morrison and felt like I owed late fees.

Thanks Skeets!


"but any thoughts on free agent role players"

Just look at Mitch Kupchak's free agent track record. Since West left in 2001 Kupchak has signed a broken Mitch Richmond, a broken Vlade Divac, a broken Aaron McKie.

I liked the Jim Jackson signing, but he sat on the pine way too long. Shaq was really responsible for Malone and Payton in '04.

I just think they'll try to convince Laker fans to wait till cap space clears in 2008... and the fans will buy it like they did in accepting Brian Grant's B.R.U.T.A.L. contract that the Lakers are still paying next season.

Two things happened last season that may cause Kupchak to wake up: the Clippers became the best team in LA and Miami won the NBA title. The Laker front office can only ask Laker fans for patience for so long. I'm shocked so many people bought the cool-aid after the Shaq trade and the abominable 2004-05 season.

Cassell's agent is spreading rumors that the Lakers are pursuing Sam. I think it's a bullshit rumor. I'm not expecting anything outside a 1-year offer to a low level free-agent.

Mike Prada

I don't think LA could really have done much better in that spot. And I do believe you have to look at Farmar's stats this year with a grain of salt. He was hurt all year with a really bad nagging foot injury and still improved on his freshman numbers. When he gets his explosivness back, he should pay off as a decent backup PG in this league.

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