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June 28, 2006


Chris Clarke

How about that draft, eh?


I'm still confused what happened last night. Was there 60 picks or 60 trades?

All I know is (as a Laker fan) I am NOT happy for the Jordan Farmar pick!


the raptors choice of bargnini
is questionable . colangelo in the press conference today when asked if andrea is going to start said he's not sure and that we shd be patient .
i'd say this smack of uncertainty with the NO.1 PICK . I say to colangelo , you are being paid $ 3 million a year to make sure of this kind of things! patient belongs to the hospital !

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the nba and abc should thank mark for making the series more exciting . a lot more .
this series is becoming a real classic motherfucker !
ooops . that's mark cuban's influence right there....

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