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June 21, 2006



A few things to add:

Not only were the Heat over the limit in fouls early in the 4th, but for a 5 minute stretch both Shaq and Zo were on the bench. Only one player (Stackhouse) took it to the rack during that stretch.

This is what you get when you have Dull Harris diagramming the plays from the bench. (Harris is to A. Johnson what Rick Carlisle was to Larry Bird when Bird was coaching the Pacers).

I think Avery Johnson dedicated the NBA Finals to Don Nelson's dead corpse, and ran a typical Nellie-ball game.

Where was the Dirk high post game that KILLED San Antonio? Where was Devin Harris driving the lane like he did against PHX and SA. Total coaching meltdown from games 3-6!!!!


eric dampier is supposed to be the 2nd best dominant center in the nba. 1st is shaq.

nuthin' changed.

now , shaq is least dominant center in the nba based on pay received in return . Dampier is still 2nd to him .Worse than the worst.



Brett u sound really pissed at Johnson

I just find that he soaks up the spotlight for the team the wrong way


i am bummed about what has happened to avery. he used to be a stand up guy. he has been influenced by mark cuban.
mark cuban is a joke. he hangs out on the bench with his team like he's on the team. show a little class, dude. what were cuban's stats this year. points? rebounds? assists? this guys is an ego maniac. he's always there jumping up an down like a jackass, yelling at the referees. seriously how did this scourge of humanity become a millionaire.
this complaining about the officiating is getting old.
you guys dis the spurs for whining. this guy takes whiny bitch to a whole new level. at least the spurs did their whining on the court not in the press room. i also never saw duncan kicking & shoving a stationary bike.
i grew up a spurs fan. i am not fat or mexican or old or whatever else you guys say about spurs fans. i don't live in san antonio. i live in austin. i consider myself a student of the game. i played all through high school and i was good. my senior year i blew out my knee and my career was over. i know, you don't care. i don't care that you don't care.
my dad used to take me to games at the old hemisfair arena. i saw george gervin play. i suffered through years of bad spurs teams.
even after the glorious promise of d-rob they still choked in the western conf. finals. it hasn't been an easy road. we finally hit a winning combination and out come the haters. we haven't had a glorious history like your precious little lakers. being a spurs fan is hard and keeps getting harder. soft, boring, whiny, dirty, asterisk, can't win back to back championships.
i know you guys hate the spurs and you use this website to skew the perception of how the spurs are boring, dirty, complain about calls, fans are stupid, etc. but couldn't you say that about any team? do you guys watch basketball?
it seems the consensus is that the suns are the most entertaining team in the league. who else plays that way and is also a good team? nobody. steve nash is the best point gaurd in the league and that is why the suns are good. if you say the spurs are boring, then what you're really saying is "i don't like defense". "i would rather watch guys just run up and down the court and shoot terrible shot after terrible shot without conscience" real basketball fans accept defense as an element of the game and are entertained seeing it played well.
yes, i admit it. the spurs will slow down the pace of a game to win. i think it's pretty fucking cool that they are good enough to do that. if they weren't my team i would say bruce bowen is dirty, manu is a flopper, tony is a big girl and tim is boring, but they are my team for better or worse and you would take any of those guys on your team in a heartbeat.
you guys have this blog and it's yours to do with as you please. i wish i could enjoy it with you because you obviously work hard on it, but all the spurs bashing is not enjoyable for me.

tell the truth!


Hey Dave:

If you're a student of the game, you're definitely welcome here. Most Spurs fans we've encountered since starting this site are nowhere near that, so if you know basketball, we don't care who you root for and we're happy to have you.

OF COURSE we watch basketball, probably more that is healthy for anyone. The reality is that we all have teams we're a fan of. I admired the Pistons teams of the last two seasons, and they could definitely be considered ugly and defense oriented. I myself was a Celtics fan in the 80s, and thus HATED the Showtime Laker teams. I love the NBA, but find myself rooting for players rather than teams. That's a whole other topic for another time, but part of my hatred of the Spurs is because they were such a huge rival of the Lakers from 2000-2004, when I had Lakers season tickets.

Avery is a good coach, but it was frustrating for me to see him making rookie mistakes while going head to head with Riles in the Finals. Dallas "woulda shoulda coulda" won this series, and I just think Avery's coaching had a lot to do with it.

whats up?

Dude, its his first finals as a coach!! I dont know of many coaches that done so much in two seasons like this guy. I think he learned a leason or two after this playoffs and will come back stronger next year.


Dave - as a Spurs fan I share your feelings - but after reading this blog I can say Craig and Brett dish it out to every team/coach/fan out there. They do pick on the Spurs a bit but still lots of good info here!!


Hey, Dave..First of all, I dont expect any Spurs fan to like Mark Cuban. Second, this isn't a wesite to tell us your life story about how you played basketball in the 8th grade. Anyways, the Mavs and Cuban had all the right to complain about the game 5 calls. Even most of the national media agreed that we were shafted on more than one call towards the end of that game. You guys act like we were bitching the whole series. You heard the post game conferances, did we bitch about the calls at all after game 6? No!! The Mavs fell apart, we could have won this series if it wasnt for some iffy coaching moves by AJ and some bad shot selections, but we'll be back next year and I guarantee we'll spank the Spurs' ass...they still suck and they're still the little bitches of the NBA. In game 7 vs Dallas, if I recall correctly, the refs helped you out when we were beating that ass by 20 points!! The Mavs are still the best in the West.


OK. i was just trying to make a point and post a clear, thought out comment. i have never seen a positive spurs post on this site. not once.
tony, i had no idea personal sidenotes were against blog rules. my bad. i never said the mavs didn't deserve to win. they played extremely well, and beat a team that has had their number for years.
dirk nowitzki is a badass. i admit it. i still don't like that hasslehoff lovin' nazi bitchface, but he's a damn good basketball player. i love avery johnson. it breaks my heart to see him anywhere else but on the spurs side.
truth is the spurs didn't have the heart to suck up the injuries, bad calls, and punches to the crotch and gut out a win in game 7. popovich got outcoached by his former point gaurd. he made no adjustments and stuck to the terrible game plan of playing small ball and run with the mavs. i am still stunned that rasho and nazr sat on the bench the whole series. i know neither one of those guys are great but they are 7' tall and better than dampier, diop and mbenga.
oh, well. rasho is gone. the miami heat are champs. there is always next year. the spurs, suns, mavs will all be good. we know this. i'm pretty sure the heat and pistons will be good also. as heartbreaking this year was, i still want to see the spurs and the mavs in the playoffs next year. mavs fans you can say it's over and the spurs are dead, but you know it's not true.

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