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June 14, 2006



Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for linking to the songs.


after workouts its seems that Morrison-er i mean "the 'Stache" is becoming the consensus #1 across the assoc.


make sure they trade randolf or else morrison will not touch the ball .


how about: nobody draft him (?)
that would be fine by me. The last player that was 'suppose to' be this good was Keith Van Horn... And it's funny just thinking about that waste of space now... Against a bunch of college level kids, he was 'ok'... although a tad emotional... In the NBA, he will be undersized, overpowered, and out-finessed. The kid's got a HIGH dribble... Anytime he sets up for that 20 footer, I see fast break points for the other team...
There seems to be one genuine talent that pops up through the collegiate ranks every three years or so... Chris Paul has a hold on those honors for the next couple of years.


it appears to me that the raptors might be interested in "the stache". now that they have traded for rasho, morrison is a better fit than a big body like bargnani. i also agree with geebs, stache won't be that good right away. i think there will be a good player in the draft this year, and i think he will be in a magic uniform. unless someone makes a play for rudy gay before orlando.

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