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June 01, 2006



although one of the foul shots was on the aforementioned play where bell picked up a horribly called tech, the fourth quarter was ridiculous w/ the whistle-blowers. Steve Kerr even made some "Dirk can do no wrong..." (read: he will get his foul shots when nobody is near him) remark. Up until then, the refs were acceptable (not good, but you can't ask for much from those fuckers...) but the 4th was out of control. 18 shots from the stripe??? PHO shot 20 all night! HOME COURT ADVANTAGE LIKE A MU'FUCKA. I want this thing to go to seven and then I want AA Arena to catch on fire.


Alright, Suns fan.

I agree that officiating in general is very inconsistent, and we all know that the home team benefits (see game 4 of the MIA/DET series). But the number of free throws is directly related to how you play. PHX takes jump shots or gets dunks in transition, so the chances for Dallas to actually foul them are very limited. DAL by contrast often goes to the basket in the half court set, where fouling becomes more likely.

Let's not blame this one on the refs. Dirk was unstoppable in the 4th, period. The Suns aren't really that great this year anyway, I mean 7 games to beat both the Lakers and the Clippers?! Come on. I expect DAL to wrap it up in game 6.


reading these comments makes me think you guys didn't watch the game.


Look the Mavericks, in particular Dirk were not going to be stopped, and it didn't matter what the officials called or did not call Dirk was not going to let them lose. Phoenix has no defender that can stop Dirk, although the Matrix has been that guy in the past, it certainly looks like Dirk has figured him out, although I kinda think Marion may have been injured during this series he seemed a step slow and a step behind.

Nonetheless until Phoenix stopped Dallas and stopped relying on the officials to do it, they can't beat Dallas as evidence by there 18 point choke job in game 6

Archie Aziz


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