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June 02, 2006



I'm thinking...their done. But thats just me.


I think Shaq has a monster game tonight. Look for him to turn back the clock and try to dominate. If not Miami is toast in Detroit. I think Shaq realizes that this may be his last true shot at an NBA title. Riles will probably be gone next season, Payton is gone, Walker will be older and NOT wiser, J-Will is starting to lose a step and Shaq is entering the twilight of his career.

Wade is on the brink of stardom, but there's so many questions for Miami going into this offseason and they were constructed for the short run and not the long haul.

Miami needs a huge game from Shaq (especially with Wade pulling a late 80's Pippen with yet another mysterious illness). I think the Big Fella comes through and brings Miami to The Finals.


Something tells me Detroit tonight. I just don't see them going out on a Game 6. No way.


This game is frantic! Shaq looking especially active tonight.

Hubie is a monster (in a good way)


Well, I was wrong : )

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