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May 22, 2006


keith el otro

damn. that is just ridiculous. bruce would have to punch him in the breadbasket to make it any worse.

Philipp Bulis

First of all, WHAT A BLOG! You two are geniuses, I always enjoy reading those entries and I like how aggressiv you write against those damn spurs.

Mavs are taking it tonight all the way, but I don't think that was a foul, it was a fair call in my opinion.

If there's something I can't stare then it's people who do not know what they're talking about and all they utter is "go spurs go" and feel then like the biggest experts...

You know what I mean...

Hoops Addict

why does Bowen get all these props for being a defensive stopper? Dude's only able to stop opposing players by being dirty.

What are the odds of Dirk Diggler going postal on Bowen like Ray Allen did earlier this season?

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manolo blahnik

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Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

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