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May 23, 2006



yawn sounds like a bitchy person with too much time on their hands.


Say something now u asshole.

Israel Rico

fuck the Mavs!!!!!!!
and Fuck Mark Cuban!!!!!!!

...I want M. Finley back

Wah wah wah....

what an idiot he had the big three

Dirk...Nash...and Finley

instead of buy DVD players in that locker room he should have spent money on keeping his players.....

have a nice summer Mavs Fan!!!!!!!


I'll say something: the Spurs are about to win their fourth title and their homunculi fans are STILL obsessed with the Mavericks! And in any event, their triumphalism should be directed at Denver, Phoenix and Utah, not a team that owns them. Dallas fans would look pretty silly being gleeful over Golden State's second round exit.

Have you bookmarked this page for a year waiting to get your revenge and "show them"? Total Burn Spurs fan!

One would think that Spurs fans would have a healthy amount of respect for a team that sent them home, but then again Spurs fans generally can't muster anything other than a string of Tourette's-like curses and "three rings" chants.


Mavs didn't need Finley to eliminate the Spurs last year, and they saved $50 million in luxury tax by waiving him. Mark Cuban compliments Finley, but leave it to a Spurs fan to fail to comprehend that.

Nash, Finley and Dirk would never have won a title together. Nash is never going to outplay Tony Parker in the playoffs and Finley is a valuable role player, not a starter. Dallas has gone farther without the "Big Three" than they ever did with them.

It's easy to build a team with two lucky ping-pong balls.


i assume by "two lucky ping-pong balls" you are refering to robinson and duncan. well, ok you're right, but another organization could've easily bungled that opportunity. as incredibly talented and special as robinson was he was never able to get it done without duncan. credit the spurs organization for putting the right complimentary pieces around robinson and duncan.
the scouting, coaching, and ability of twelve guys buying into a system for ten solid years has made the spurs a success. finding deep draft diamonds like parker and ginobili, getting marginally talented players like malik rose and fabricio oberto to accept a role and allowing the system to let them play above and beyond their capabilities is undoubtedly impressive.
i respect the mavs, but i believe mark cuban has destroyed that team. he made an enemy of don nelson and paid for it with a first round exit. i think avery is a great coach, nowitzki is an offensive juggernaut and there is a lot of young talent on that team. yes, they sent the spurs home last year, but it was a hard fought seven games series and duncan, ginobili and parker were all banged up. i am disappointed that the spurs didn't have a chance to redeem themselves against the only team in the league that can beat them in a series, but i'll take what i got.
the mavs got what they deserved. nellie dissected them and dirk showed that although he is an incredible scorer, he is not a leader. they had a leader in nash and finley is a clutch player. the mavs blew it last year (getting swept by miami after taking the first two) and just got humiliated this year. it will be a long climb back to the top. the mavs need to lose cuban and get some hard-nosed veteran leaders.


how does that feel mavs! to lose to the eighth seeded team in the first round! hahaha ur a joke!


What a loser, mavs are fucken losers, and spurs won the championship. ur very bad at writing about sports so please spare people. And never diss the spurs, cause theyl just win he next year, and the next. So just stfu and worship ur petite dirk loser that fucken sucks.



bob dole

all y'all niggas can suck my balls. spurs love the cock and they're squatting on it now that they just got SWEPT to the curb. F OFF SPURS.

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I believe mark cuban has destroyed that team. he made an enemy of don nelson and paid for it with a first round exit. i think avery is a great coach, nowitzki is an offensive juggernaut and there is a lot of young talent on that team.


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its been almost a year since the macs won the title....... when did the spurs win.....5 years ago, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha........just had to add that note, still hard to believe though its seems like they'd never win and now its been a year, dam, great team nigga and terry can get another in boston now

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