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May 22, 2006



your a bitch


Shane is fronting both country grammar AND punctuation.


I am usually of the school that once the deed is done, be a good sportsman,
congratulate the other fellow on a job well done, take your lumps if you lost and be humble if you won. Well, not this time!!!!

The Whiney Spurs and all their ridiculous, over-the-top, we-don't-have-anything-else-in-our-town-besides-a-dirty-river-to-hang-our-hats-on fans, can collectively go to their nearest Lowe's or Home Depot, and purchase the following items:
1) four large sheets of plywood
2) eight (8) two-by-fours
3) a power saw
4) a nail gun and several hundred rounds
5) a Philips-head screwdriver
6) two dozen wood screws
7) six (6) anchor screws
8) one (1) laser level

You may then use said supplies and implements to construct an 8-foot ramp, sitting at a 60° angle, along with a small staircase to reach the top of said ramp. Then, I will kneel at the bottom of said ramp, pantless and engorged, and one by one you may all climb to the top, slide down the ramp and BITE MY CRANK!!!!


Tim Duncan, take your whiney "I never commit a foul but everyone who stands
near me is fouling me" azz, your smelly
French boyfriend, your Argentinian gardner, your bald-headed butler, your
pock-scarred coach and the rest of that gaggle of NBA castaways and high-tail it to the golf course, cuz your season is
OVER, brutha!!


Kevin, that was awesome! I added it to the front page under "The Spurs Are Dead!" post.



this is so money


Since Mark Cuban is such a noble person

Your Momma

Fuck You Bitch!!


All of you that are hating on the Spurs are idiots. David stern messed up the seeding this year and had the spurs playing the toughest teams early as a #1 seed, so where was the benefit of having the number 1 seed? The Spurs had to play Dallas 36 hours after closing the kings out, and this leads to the two best teams by record meeting in the second round? Where is the respect? All this while weak teams played weak teams ex. Suns and Clippers... Come on these teams are horrible and the winner goes to the Western conference finals? The spurs should have won the Dallas series but the ball didn't bouce our way due to horrible calls. There were several games were the mavs got out with a win by pure luck... Remember that you cowards. The true Champs in Texas are the Spurs! The playoff seeding system was rigged for underdogs this year, and that is why David stern apologized for the mistake, and will correct it next year. This season was a fluke and whoever wins this year should remember that.


Drew, you baby! You sound just like the Spurs do when they get caught fouling someone. All that cryin' is not going to get the calls reversed! There is no instant replay! This is Basketball, not Football! The best team won fair and square! The Spurs had no gasolina left in them, as Duncan suggested. The seeding system was NOT rigged. The Spurs would have had to play against Dallas, anyway. Quit your bitchin'! For God's sake, you sound like a pussy!


Go Heat Go!!!

There is true basketball justice!!!

Mavs will be remebered as the ultimate choke,who are led by the ultimate whiner (pendejo cuban)!!!

This is way better than seeing my spurs win a championship!!


nuff said


To all the Dallas fans who drank the Cool-aid and booed Mike Finley: what goes around comes around - you get what you deserve. Sometimes people want to win so badly, which is understandable - but was it really worth it? For Mr. - not to be confused with Herman Munster - Cuban - of course. He obviously does not give a - insert preferred cusswords here - about losing any last shred of respect from any fans outside of his own team, nor does he have any sense of loyalty, or care at all if he hurts somebody's feelings - even someone who has done as much for his team as Finley has. As for Avery, well, even the shiniest apple takes a little bruise, now and then. That's about as nicely as I can put it, and I'm making the extra effort 'cos its Avery Johnson, whose jersey will still hang above the SPurs' court someday, most likely. But Avery, do try to associate with a better group of people - there are plenty of other teams who would be thrilled to have a Coach of the Year on their side, and Mark Cuban doesn't own any of them. And if its any consolation, Avery, we won't boo you when you come back to S.A. - our owner would never tell us to, firstly, but even if he did, we have more class than that.


God I hate Spurs fans.

AT- How is it "basketball justice" when the team that beat "your Spurs" on the Spurs home court in a Game 7 gets beaten by a team full of assholes like Riley, Shaq, Walker, and Mourning? And what kind of fan thinks it's better for their rival to lose a title than for their own team to win one? You are truly retarded.

spurdog- There's nothing wrong with booing Michael Finley, or any player that was once on your team and is now playing against your team (see: Shaq). As long as they're trying to take down your team, you boo them, plain and simple.

And as for "Avery Johnson, whose jersey will still hang above the SPurs' court someday," I didn't know teams retired jerseys for people that average 10.5 points per game over 9 seasons. You are a moron and know nothing about basketball.


A loyal Spurs fan


You poor, misinformed soul.
The city of SA loves Avery Johnson. Spurs fans would not boo him if the owner told us to. Just because he is the "enemy" doesn't mean we should boo him. He helped SA win their first title in '99. Huge asset to the Spurs and he's the Little General.

You know, I was rooting for the Mavericks just because they're a Texas team, but Mark Cuban lacks class, as well as the fans here in Dallas...or should I say "fans." Dallas has a small percentage of REAL fans, the others are bandwagon fans. I'm sure you live in Dallas and it was amazing to see/hear the complete turnaround after game 5 of maverick "fans". People lost hope. Mark Cuban is a tool, and so are the rest of the Mavs fans. "Biggest crumble in Dallas history". Believe me, San Antonio wouldn't be saying that if the Spurs fell that way; but then again I've never seen a team choke so hard like the Mavs did.

I guess Dirk didn't find the freedom he was looking for (a la david hassehoff).

It was nice watching the Mavs lose. That will teach an idiotic city not to reveal plans of a victory parade after game 2. I think the most satisfying thing was seeing Mark Cuban's face as his boyhood dream faded...you can't buy the Larry O'Brien trophy!

Avery's jersey WILL be hanging from the rafters of the AT&T center very soon.

Maverick fans remember this: Your success comes from a former Spur. You guys emulate the style the Spurs play. Give me a break with your high & mighty BS. I am bored with it! Maybe you should emulate some class.

P.S. A question, If Cubes ate a pile of dookie, would you do it too? Think about it...
Just remember: The Spurs have three things the Mavericks don't have:
1. The Larry O'Brien trophy
2. The Larry O'Brien trophy
3. The Larry O'Brien trophy

That is all.


"That will teach an idiotic city not to reveal plans of a victory parade after game 2."

Is that true? If so, that ranks up there with the 1969 Lakers ordering thousands of balloons suspended from the Forum rafters for a Game 7 victory over the Celtics....

Which was won by the Bill Russell and the Celtics.

Dumb move, Dallas!


Mavericks suck. Mark Cuban is a man child.
Mavs fans are bandwagon fans. We stick with the Spurs through good and bad and bleed silver and black. The Spurs had that game 7 won. 104-101 with 30 seconds left. Steve Javie bailed that german premadonna out yet again so he could go shoot his precious free-throw to tie the game. Manu didnt even touch Nowitzki's arm on that play...even if he had...its the frickin playoffs. What happened to letting the players decide the outcome? The Mavs got extremely fortunate with that call..thats the only way they were able to beat the Spurs, just like through the whole series...with the whistle. Mavs are classless (j. terry punching Finley in the groin, Mark Cuban insulting our city on TV like a 14 year old, J. Terry pushing Brent Barry away as Barry was trying to help up a fallen Mavericks player, etc.)
The Spurs revenge is coming, and its going to be coming faster and more intense than ever before. Nice record you got there Dallas at 39-9, it reminds me a lot of the Pistons last year who went 64-18 and ran out of gas in the playoffs.


First of all i am a proud spurs fan though thick and thin my first point is what does complaining have to do with the game of basketball u have to argue with the refs once in a while or they wont take you seriously also I respect every player on the mavericks team except for the owner who trashtalks and apparently cannot win a championship even with a 2 game advantage in the Nba finals against the Miami heat which is one of the most horrible chokes i have ever seen and how can u plan your victory parade after game 2 even though the spurs did the same thing in game 6 ,but at least they backed it up with a game 7 win. This year the Season has been dominated by the Mavericks and the Suns with the spurs lagging behind with their inconsistent play and lack of depth the bench of the spurs is one of the most slacking benches i have ever seen (exception brent barry) i mean robert horry hasn't shown up all this season at least michael finley has made some big shots at times so what i'm saying no team is perfect and overall it doesn't matter if u get 70 wins and hold teams 8 points under their ppg avg If u don't end the season with the Larry o Brien Trophy ur team is basicly a failure for the year(maybe a little harsh though) so until dallas actually shows me they can win a championship they will never get any true respect in the nba. This will easily be the hardest road for the spurs to get to the championship (my prediction) they will defeat the suns and go in a long series with the mavericks which will be a toss up depending which team has the most momentum right now i would say the spurs since they are starting to get back to their playoff form and dallas has been slacking and losing to teams they should beat (golden state) and my final statement "YOU CAN WIN ALL 82 GAMES BUT IF YOU DON'T WIN THE LARRY O BRIEN TROPHY IT WAS ALL POINTLESS"


"Intelligent NBA commentary from the two biggest basketball fans on the planet."

Very very funny blog! Lucky for you your eye-shadow wearing hero Mark Cuban is so rich otherwise the Mavs would not be able to buyoff the refs, eh?

Maybe this year the Mavs will make the finals again to get beat by another second rate Eastern team!


To summarize: San Antonio=3 Rings
Crawford is a donkey and the NBA should suspend him for ruining what otherwise was an entertaining game between the leagues two best teams---who despite playing for nothing--were playing as if they were playing for the championship.


u little pathetic mav fans. soon youll be back to the days of ron harper and popeye jones and only 24 fans in the arena. dallas fans are the most fair weather fans ive ever seen and can never admit when something went their way, like duncan and that terrible call. if that had happened to dirk they would have been just as pissed.

the sac

All I have to say is who has 3 NBA Titles and Who has none....enough said....


I like how all these Mav bandwagoners oops Im sorry "fans" are saying that the Spurs are big complainers. If they have watched any games they would see their glorious leader Mark Cuban is the biggest crybaby out of EVERYONE in the NBA! He crys about all the calls his players dont even worry about. You never see Peter Holt (The owner of the Spurs) jumping up and down like an idiot crying about a call or even worse, going on tv to cry about it to the news guys. You mav "fans" need to look at yourself before you talk about anyone else. When the Mavs win more than 3 Championship Rings then talk your smack. Then again by that time we Spurs will probably be on our 20th Championship Title.


Dallas fans Hate the reality that the Spurs have three rings, and will get more before its all said and done, and the Mavs have nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing. HAHAHAHAHA That sucks doesnt it...You guys are loosers, and always will be...Kiss my hardware bitches


Craig Kwasniewski is Mark Cuban's Blow Buddy.


Do you have pictures of the other teams? You are definitely a Spurs Hater. The Spurs team does complain like the rest of the NBA players. You should be ashamed of yourself. You need to see a doctor.


One thing for sure, the Mavs fan has nothing to be proud of and brag about. Yes, you made the WCF champions and that's it. It meant nothing because you were shut down 4 games in a row last year. You cannot handle the Heat. The point is, stop hating the Spurs. You were given a chance to defend their title (for them) but you FROZE in the HEAT of Florida. More wins mean nothing either. Let us see if you can handle the Clippers or better yet, the "GS Warriors". You need more prayers or maybe, tons of money for this.
May the BEST team who deserves the trophy wins IT!!! Good Luck to all teams especially the San Antonio SPURS...

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