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May 31, 2006


J.E. Skeets

Dirk. Dirk. Dirk, you don't even-- you're glib.


"I have to win this series, I'm a Thetan 6!"

"Respect the Suns...and tame the Mavs!"

"I will drop kick those fucking dogs"


Wow, thats pretty funny. Now all you need to do is put together a Samuel L. Jackson and Eric Dampier Montague and my life will be complete.

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Exactly what Louis Vuitton Purses did has been amazing. Not just do they sponsor Kusama?¯s current retrospective touring event (recently revealed with Tate Modern london), Vuitton created a assortment of clothes and components which can be reminiscent of Kusama?¯s art work along with polka-dotted view in life. Connections, bathing suits, bags, sun glasses, view, shoes, trench layers, leather-based pockets, plus some much more from the Yayoi Kusama selection with regard to Lv.

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