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May 17, 2006



The Tim Thomas 3 against the Lakers was lucky?! What are you, Vlade now?


"What are you, Vlade now?"

Watch it, Brett! How dare you compare me to the biggest waste of human flesh in the world. Don't you dare compare me to that cocksucking, flopping, overrated piece of shit!

I believe I said, "or lucky depending upon which team you like" in case there are people out there reading this photo series who feel that Raja Bell and Tim Thomas were both lucky. I'm talking about the same people who chant MVP for their team's star player when he (or her in Nash's case) are shooting freethrows.

Don't EVER compare me to that Eurotrash cocksucker, Vlade!


Ah, it's so easy to get a "Fuck Vlade" rant out of either of us...


I want to drop a "Fuck Vlade" every time Radmanovic is called Vlade by the announcers.

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