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May 24, 2006


Hoops Addict

Raptors fans are buzzing about winning the top pick in next month’s draft, but I say we trade the pick away for a veteran point guard and a pick lower in the first round.

Before Raptors fans chew my head off check out this logic - can any of the top players in the Draft help us out?


None of the players this year are worthy of a top pick since Greg Oden has to play a year of college and Joakim Noah passed on the NBA.

Don’t get me wrong fellow Raps fans, I’m not trying to rain on your parade. I’m simply trying to state that winning the lottery will be a great thing if Bryan Colangelo can get the starting point guard or center out of trading the pick. One deal that immediately pops into mind would have the top pick heading to Seattle for Luke Ridnour and their 10th pick. This deal would allow the Raps to add another young player while gaining the floor general that they desperately need.

While the idea of having the top draft pick is sure to be enticing, common sense would dictate that the Raptors would be better suited by dealing away the pick for a veteran point guard of big man.


I agree 100% with Hoops Addict, the Raps need to trade the pick. The problem is that all the GMs know there's not a clear cut number one, so they won't be offering much for it unless there's someone that will fill a specific, immediate need.

We'll find out just how good Colangelo is by what he's able to get for the pick.


It's about 95% that we're picking Bargnani. I doubt he's worth a #1 but the problem is, it's realistic that Chi, Cha, and Por all draft him too...so trading down is risky.

Whatever happens though, thank god it's Colangelo and not Babcock.


What's the story with Mike James? Is he going to leave as a free agent?

I'd try to trade down and get an athletic swingman.

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