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May 26, 2006



In this pic it looks like the ref is either trying to guard Hamilton, or cop a feel. Terrible.

Predictions for tonights Suns/Mavs game??


Dallas wins big tonight.

I'm curious how Phoenix does without Raja Bell in their lineup. Unlike the Lakers series, there's no rallying cry for the Suns to get that extra effort with Bell out.


I've been reading espn.com and si.com - so far none of the writers want to give a prediction for this game. They acknowledge that Bell is hurt and Mavs have a deeper bench - and then that's it. It seemed everyone was pulling for Mavs and now maybe they are intrigued by a no-defense team getting to the finals.


I'll second the prediction of a Dallas win tonight. PHX has shown in both of the first two rounds that they're content with just getting a split, and that combined with the loss of Bell should be plenty to get Dallas the W.


This actually reminded me of what happend in Game 4 of the Suns/Lakers series, when Nash was getting fouled while calling timeout, when everybody knew the Lakers HAD to foul. And, as in the game your describing, the refs said they couldn't hear Nash or the other Suns calling time due to crowd noise. Hmmm...

I don't think there's a conspiracy going on in terms of the NBA wanting particular teams to win. However, it certainly seems like the refs are conspiring to keep games close and exciting, either by dubious calls or questionable non-calls.

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