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May 22, 2006



What, no comments???

If you're such big ball fans, what's wrong with spreading and exposing the NBA game globally? You're upset that the Tsakilidis' and Vujacic's occupy roster spots over average college players? When we're talking about minor role players, it's a little redundant. But if someone like a Jasikevisius pulls of a stunt like he did, it's worth to take a chance, no?? If he can't cut it, then he's out. It works the same way for a Mateen Cleaves. The way things work in a capitalistic society is exploiting your resources (players) and milking it to the very last drop. The Association is about $$$, like it or not. "International", "Global", "Euro", they're cash cows.

Of course for every Nowitzki, theres a Peja. But what does stud/duds have to do with nationality? For every Billups, there's a Garnett/Abdur-Rahim. You're just racist, admit it :)

So, you've listed everything you hate. I want to say you're a purist who prefers sneaker squeaks over 50 Cent but you hate the spurs so damn much. You call Duncan a fag, you hate the bank shot, and fundamental ball and class is too tooo boring. You prefer Kobe ball-hogging? You prefer Shaq planting his big ol ass down low all night? If so, I'm wasting alot of time.

***"borderline out of control style, often driving into traffic at full speed and then flying towards the hoop, flailing all limbs in the process"

You must really HATE Nash and the all-Americans Iverson and Artest

***"guys who are "high energy" players, but who really are just over compensating for lack of talent by playing really hard"

RIDICULOUS. How could you possibly POSSIBLY hate a person for TRYING and laying it all out on the floor. TMAC, VC, Antoine Walker - are these your favourite players? What is talent? I think Ben Wallace should be out of the L because, he like Varejao (albeit on different levels) hustles and rebounds to compensate for a lack of scoring punch.

***"Like in pickup ball when the worst guy on the court tries to play full court press defense."

You would actually hate a teammate bc all he can do is play defense?? absurd.

***"a Euro usually is very soft, and can be scared deterred from their game with a few hard fouls and is afraid to take big time shots when the game is on the line"

Stereotypical and very ignorant. Must you be reminded of the Jermaine O'Neals, Brad Millers, Van Horns, Abdur-Rahims of the world? And I don't ever recall Tony Parker backing down AT ALL this season nor in the playoffs (busted thighs, hips, knees and all). Did you see Barbosa (GAME 6) and Diaw??? You're a Laker fan I know you did.

Focus...in one post, you're saying "oh no we don't hate these Euros , we hate the MEDIA and how they overhype them" Now you plain just don't like them nor their antics. Which is it? read your comments, they all contradict each other.

Blaming Euros for everything is getting lame. I'm not Euro, I just find they breathe new life into the NBA and happen to inject an element of excitement (ie versatility, multi-dimensional, unpredictability). That's just my take. It's far from perfect, but it works.

I leave with these...

http://www.nba.com/statistics/international/interPlayersStatsAVG.html (impressive list, don't you think?)


"Like in pickup ball when the worst guy on the court tries to play full court press defense."

"You would actually hate a teammate bc all he can do is play defense?? absurd."

First off, great to see the long and evidently well-researched response. We'll have to run with the Euro (good or bad) topic in the offseason and include you as a guest columnist.

I'll just take up this one point and allow Brett to discuss the rest of his post as he wishes. The above quote was referring those spastic guys on the court.

You can always pick these guys out when playing pick-up ball. These are the same guys who end up hurting everyone else on the court but themselves. Believe me I know. I ripped up my ankle playing with these types of ballers. They run around all over the place with no real purpose.

Look, basketball is a game of controlled effort. Like the great John Wooden once said, "Do not confuse activity with achievement."

This is what i sometimes see with European players (and Mark Madsen who sucks ass!!!).

Finally, while I hate Gynobili a ton (it's a Lakers-Spurs rivalry thing), I have to give him his props in the Dallas series. Without Gynobili's effort Dallas wins in 5, he practically saved the Spurs season.


You know what? I'm just glad the Spurs are finally out of the playoffs. That made my night watching them loose to the mavs in game 7. And as far as the whole "Euro" stuff goes, well I think its pretty funny.


Wow, looks like someone stole mrnoname's ID! That intelligent, detailed comment can't be from the same guy who once wrote
"Manu is not an embarassment. besides Barkley loves the guy." as an actual argument, can it?

All kidding aside, good job explaining your view. I won't rehash the whole thing; you don't like Kobe, I don't like Parker/Ginobili. Bottom line is everyone has players that they're fans of and everyone hates other players for whatever reason, it's what makes discussion on sports so much fun.

Keepin' it Real

Since "basketball is a game of controlled effort", then I assume your favorite team of all time were the Utah Jazz with Stockton and Malone. Or maybe the Princeton teams? Are those your favorite teams?


I do appreciate what former Princeton coach Pete Carril brought to the game of basketball. As an assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings for the past 7 seasons, he was the main reason why they played an attractive offensive game. (Smooth backdoor cuts with the offense running through the high post.)

Also, when run correctly (like the 1994 Chicago Bulls) the Triangle Offense can simply destroy NBA defenses.

Utah just ran one simple play, the screen and roll. While still effective today, it prevents the entire team from participating because it was basically an isolation offense, whereas the Princeton Offense and the Triangle Offense utilized all five starters.


What's this controlled effort business? If you have the intention from the get go to drive to the hoop at full speed, doesn't that constitute controlled effort? If someone has the mindset to play clean in your face defense all night, isn't that controlled effort?

Truth is, pro sports is entertainment first and foremost. Good, wholesome homeyness just doesn't cut it (see: all Spurs-Pistons haters). It's the ultimate reality TV show. People want spontaneity, excitement, players improvising and making acts of God out of shit. I want to see Madsen lose both shoes playing defense and running full-court with his socks on. I wanna see Manu lick his own ass AND hit a bank shot layup over 3 defenders.

The blueprint for "controlled effort" would be the Spurs and Pistons. Good fundamental ball with a dash of excitement. Take Kirilenko (a Euro!) out of the Jazz (and to some extent Okur - a big man who shoots 3's) and you'll have the way basketball should be played according to you...no personality, set play after set play. A half court game slowed to a crawl with every single f'in movement precalculated. Robots retreating to their specified spots on the court. True, this was what the Spurs were like before Parker and Ginobili...boring as hell. And that's why I never was a fan. But those pesky Euros, they suck you in I tell ya.

btw, I actually like Kobe even though he dropped 81 on my real team...but that's why you watch the games.


are u fucking kidding retard? first of all steve nash is foreign and hes the best point guard of all time. manu is the second best white player in the league. american born madsen is the worst.


I don't even know what this blog is, but I saw a comment here that struck such a chord. Fuck someone like Anderson Varejao. He is that guy, that spastic guy in pickup, that just hurts everyone. I pray he never gets another compliment in his life.

I hate flopping, but I'm used to it. But that guy is something else entirely.

Watch him end the career of someone actually talented. It will probably happen soon.

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hey! I'am a number 1 fan of manu ginobili....
good luck in the playoff...

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