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May 23, 2006


J.E. Skeets

Pistons in 6? Great call.

nba is fixed

heat win in 7 games

Keepin' it Real

I believed in Craig's first prediction of the Heat in 5 against the soft New Jersey Nets. I don't believe his prediction against the Heat. Although he is correct that the Heat haven't beaten anybody this season, the post season is a different animal. While watching the Heat against the New Jersey Nets, the Heat were impressive on the defensive side of the ball. However, when I watched the Pistons, it wasn't their defense so much as their offense. In a half court set Rip needs to be able to hit the medium range jumper which hasn't happen consistently at all against Cleveland. Another offensive whoa is the fact that Billups has just shot horribly. Unless the Pistons get their offense started, the Heat should be able to beat the Pistons.


Does last night's victory count as a win against an elite team?

The conclusion of this series is not forgone. The Pistons are vulnerable. Before the playoffs, I predicted that the Pistons would sweep the Bucks and hold Michael Redd to 30 percent shooting...and no major scoring performances. When Redd dropped 40 in a Bucks win, I knew things were a little screwy in Detroit. And the fact that a flawed Cleveland team pushed Detroit the full seven is another point of concern for Pistons fans. The Heat seem to be peaking right now.

Personally, I'm rooting for the Heat. I think a Heat/Mavs Finals would be very entertaining.


"it wasn't their defense so much as their offense. In a half court set Rip needs to be able to hit the medium range jumper which hasn't happen consistently at all against Cleveland."

So true! The difference between the Larry Brown Pistons and the Flip Saunders edition is the offensive play selection. Flip seems to favor more isolations plays in the 4th quarter whereas under Brown Rip was coming off screens more often.

They need to get back to running set plays for Hamilton during those brutal scoreless stretches that we've seen in the last 6 games.


Hi Dave,Congrats on your son's engagement & your daghuter's college graduation!Regarding your running, I hope things go better for you. This isn't meant to sound mean-spirited, but your I suck comment made me laugh because it's delivery was so blatantly honest & real. And because I can relate so much to how you feel! I was having those moments during my training where I felt so pressured pressured to run, pressured to blog, etc., etc. Of course, all of it was my own damn fault as it was totally self-propelled!Maybe it'd help to do a cross-training activity to take your mind off running. Or just say, the heck with it! & allow yourself to run without a stopwatch or any other external/internal pressures/reminders, to help you remember why you really run & why you enjoy running in the first place.Even though it put me behind the eight ball (& I gained a few pounds in the process! Oops!), taking a hiatus might've been the best thing I could do to re-energize my running & give me back that perspective I so desperately needed.It's good that you're getting a massage. That'll definitely help you relax & unwind.Hope you have a good week!-C


Four years ago, my wife and I went to a local park on the Fourth of July, to picnic. Surrounded by aornud 1,000 people, we were the only people speaking English. In some areas of LA, there are no store signs in English- you feel like you are an immigrant in a foreign country. Not surprising people are bailing.


I'm watching the Celtics-Magic game right now and it's ralley good. Against any other team, I'd say the Magic have it cuz theyve had the lead all game but its the Celtics so who ralley knows.Howard is killing it, but Redick on Allen is a crazy mismatch and JJ just cant keep up. Man I love basketball but not as much as hockey. Or football.

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