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April 10, 2006



I just had this feeling that the Clips were going to run into a buzzsaw against the Lakers. I had this sense of that strange reverse karma that strikes teams right after they start to earn a little respect and people start talking about them as a potential "dark horse" or "playoff sleeper." Plus, they're a little nicked up right now and not at 100 percent. Plus, you got the feeling (at least I did) that the Lakers had more to play for than the Clips.

Just my 2 cents.


Speaking of "superfan Daryl," I heard him on a local talk show saying he was told by Staples security at halftime to stop the loud cheers or he would be kicked out!

Daryl said security told him it came "straight from the NBA," but we know that's BS. He's super loud (easily audible on TV) and a bunch of Laker fans in the section probably complained. If his cheers were strictly pro-Clipper like they usually are, he should have kept it up and made them throw him out. As a Clipper season ticket holder, I'm sure he would have had some recourse. Interesting for sure.


That's horrible! As you know,I've said WAAAYYYY worse at Laker games yet somehow they ask Daryl to stop the "Let's go Clippers, let's go!" chant? That's bullshit!

I was there and he helped add atmosphere to the usual blase crowd. (Laker fans were droning out the chant with boos which was funny) Plus, it's not like Daryl was dropping c-sucker bombs on Laker fans, he's totally harmless.

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